Zombie-killing sling-hammer with skull-ejector

All-round slingshot badass Jörge Sprave demonstrates his latest lethalness: a zombie-killing sling-hammer with a skull-ejector to make it easy to knock away the shattered, punctured zombie-heads after you've dispatched the inconvenient undead.

The Zombie Hammer, Now with Skull Ejector


  1. How well does it eject a decomposing brain and skull? Also the title gave me visions of the sling shot mechanism ejecting the skull and firing it at the next zombie, not a zombie killing hammer with sling shot attached.

  2. Now that is some elegant design. Long distance and short distance weapons without the inconvenience of gunpowder. It’s sort of the spork solution to the zombie killing problem.

    1. Yeah, but it is an exotic weapon… Unless you’re a German in which case you get a free Exotic weapons proficiency with it.

  3. Man, that’s cringey at 1:58 – nearly gets himself in the spine with the pointy end.

    1. If Michonne finally shows up next season you’ll get some slice’n’dice katana action which is even better.

  4. It’s all well and good packing heat before the zombie apocalypse. 

    Just don’t be caught off-guard by the arsehole that after getting into an initial skirmish with a group of zombies says that he’s “OK” but got bit. This person ruins everything!

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