Zombie-killing sling-hammer with skull-ejector


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  1. Aaron Swain says:

    He does know that zombies aren’t real, right?

  2. GuyInMilwaukee says:

    If only you could have posted this before Christmas! Great gift that keeps on giving.
    Zombies are very real for some people.


  3. kittnkat says:


  4. Tribune says:

    How well does it eject a decomposing brain and skull? Also the title gave me visions of the sling shot mechanism ejecting the skull and firing it at the next zombie, not a zombie killing hammer with sling shot attached.

  5. AbdulAlhazred says:

    Now that is some elegant design. Long distance and short distance weapons without the inconvenience of gunpowder. It’s sort of the spork solution to the zombie killing problem.

  6. chf64 says:

    Soon they’ll have even bigger boards with even bigger nails in them, we must retreat!

  7. ZikZak says:

    1d4 for the slingshot
    1d6+1 for the hammer/spike
    +1 to hit vs. zombies

  8. Adrian Ziegler - Millard says:

    Man, that’s cringey at 1:58 – nearly gets himself in the spine with the pointy end.

  9. bendit says:

    Anybody else expecting him to accidentally puncture himself during his back swing?

  10. Ceronomus says:

    I want to see this thing in the next season of Walking Dead!

    • Forkboy says:

      If Michonne finally shows up next season you’ll get some slice’n’dice katana action which is even better.

  11. jenjen says:

    The best part of that video was his proud little hip-wiggle at 1:50! “I’m so badass!”

  12. noah django says:

    that was fucking METAL!

  13. Ted Bautista says:

    loving his mad scientist grin

  14. Brad H. says:

    It’s all well and good packing heat before the zombie apocalypse. 

    Just don’t be caught off-guard by the arsehole that after getting into an initial skirmish with a group of zombies says that he’s “OK” but got bit. This person ruins everything!

  15. Bobsyeruncle says:

    Best use for particle board, yet!  I hate that stuff. :p

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