Apps for Kids 003: Kingdom Rush

In episode 3, Jane and I review Kingdom Rush, a fun tower defense game that's available for free play on the web, and on the iPad for $2.99.

We're going to start this podcast with some tips from Jane's older sister Sarina, who holds the family record in the game Temple Run, which we reviewed in Apps for Kids episode 1.

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  1. Great idea Mark!  If you haven’t tried some of the puzzle games by a company named Big Fish you should.  Me and my four year old son really love playing them because it’s a game we can do together on the ipad while hanging out.  He likes solving the hidden object dioramas and hunting for pieces needed to finish while some of the harder puzzles are a challenge for me.

     “Drawn: the Painted Tower” is a really great one in particular and they just made a sequel for it.

  2. Your cohost is more well-spoken than most adults.

    It just finally made it to Kongregate as well. It’s one of the most fully-realized tower defense games, with quite cute graphics and funny call-outs by the various characters.  The level with the tower-freezing Yeti was a rough one but I bet all the frantic clicking to break the ice is hilarious for kids. Re-allocating the skill upgrades for the specific demands of each level helps if you get stuck.

    Also, try rapidly clicking the the goats that wander the scenery 6 or 7 times in a row.

    edit – Mistook the first comment’s child’s age for the podcaster’s.

  3. I was wondering if you can recommend (or rate/compare) an e-mail provider for kids.  My daughter is almost 10 and really wants an e-mail address.  I’m happy to get her one, but I don’t want her getting spam from V1@gra, etc…Is it just a matter of protecting her address and not using it to sign up for anything, or is there some provider with a filter or system that keeps kids e-mail kid-friendly?  I use gmail and would like to use that for her, but there is quite a bit of naughty spam.  Thanks for any help!

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