Call for Participation - Los Angeles Stereoscopic 3-D Showcase

Agent X-Ray says:
The Los Angeles Chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH and the LA 3-D Club want you to participate in our non-competitive 3D Stereoscopic film festival. The LA 3-D Club (Stereo Club of Southern California) was established in the Greater Los Angeles area in 1955 by a dedicated group of 3D stereo photographers to further the art and science of stereoscopic photography and film. LA ACM SIGGRAPH was founded in 1980 for educational and scientific purposes relating to the field of computer graphics. With the resurgence of 3D Stereoscopy in the Digital Age, the partnership between these two seminal Los Angeles institutions presents a forum for both professional and independent home-brew 3D stereoscopic film makers to show their work to an appreciative audience on the big screen at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles. This is a call for participation. There are no entry fees. Members of the Los Angeles ACM SIGGRAPH Council will notify accepted entrants via email. Those artists whose works are chosen to appear in the screening will receive free admission to the event. Persons of any age may submit work and attend the event. The screening is scheduled for March, 2012. The submission deadline is March 5th, 2012. Submit your work as early as possible for consideration. Please visit this site for further information.


  1. Prospective participants should remember that 3d is a gimmick; nothing they create will be any more creative or interesting than it would have been otherwise.  And it’s not really 3d anyways and it’ll give people headaches/nausea. 

    Extra laughworthy part: they’ve been trying this since 1955?  When will the figure out nobody wants this stuff, ever has, or ever will?  Why are they forcing it down our throats?

    1. Because when everyone has an HDTV set, the manufacturers have to sell us the Next Big Thing to stay in business.

    2. Just because Hollywood and TV manufactures see 3D as a cynical cash in doesn’t invalidate it as a medium.
      If a genuine artist with a good idea makes something great, then more power to him. And something tells me that is more likely to happen from small initiatvies by pasionate people then the next blockbuster looking for an easy way to add 5 bucks to the ticket price.

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