Call for Participation - Los Angeles Stereoscopic 3-D Showcase


8 Responses to “Call for Participation - Los Angeles Stereoscopic 3-D Showcase”

  1. Stefan Jones says:

    Oh. Bummer. They want VIDEOS.

    If you got the glasses, I’ve got the stereo stills:

  2. jmzero says:

    Prospective participants should remember that 3d is a gimmick; nothing they create will be any more creative or interesting than it would have been otherwise.  And it’s not really 3d anyways and it’ll give people headaches/nausea. 

    Extra laughworthy part: they’ve been trying this since 1955?  When will the figure out nobody wants this stuff, ever has, or ever will?  Why are they forcing it down our throats?

    • AllyPally says:

      Because when everyone has an HDTV set, the manufacturers have to sell us the Next Big Thing to stay in business.

    • keithfulkerson says:

      Some people, myself included, actually like 3D movies, pictures, etc.

    • Frederik says:

      Just because Hollywood and TV manufactures see 3D as a cynical cash in doesn’t invalidate it as a medium.
      If a genuine artist with a good idea makes something great, then more power to him. And something tells me that is more likely to happen from small initiatvies by pasionate people then the next blockbuster looking for an easy way to add 5 bucks to the ticket price.

  3. Stefan Jones says:

    If the picture above shows the judges, a sure-fire way to win is to enter a film about sheep, or someone throwing tennis balls.

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