Public domain WPA posters from the Library of Congress

Mynonymouse sez, "The Library of Congress just posted a Flickr set of lovely WPA posters. There are awesome ones about keeping your teeth clean, science and one that seems to be about drunk driving but also might warn of a previously unknown deadly reactive incompatibility between gas and whiskey."

These are awesome designs, but it's a disappointment that the LoC posted them at such crummy low-resolutions. The nation's treasures deserve better than that.

Update: See the comments for lots of places where you can get higher rez ones.

WPA Posters


  1. Go here: for high resolution images for a lot of WPA posters.

  2. I can’t help but see that as a poster of Renesco Blue from Pirate Corp$.  Please tell me I’m not the only one.

    1. My excitement about the post getting picked up was rather dimmed when I noticed the same thing myself. Thanks for catching it.

      And nice pseudonym. Reminds me of Wolczanski.

  3. My local library in Minneapolis has one of the largest collections of WWII propaganda poster collections for both browsing and reprints. I’ve personally ordered about seven for myself and as gifts and they’re high quality. You can also search by keyword which is totally fun (i.e. “invent”)


  4. See kids? History is important. You probably thought your generation invented shitty graphic design. Well, now you know better!

    (I mean, I love it. I want to go find some Depression-era government functionary in a homburg and sensible shoes and hug him. But some of this is terrible.)

  5. Postcards and posters of the classic Ranger Doug images for the national parks are still available. I found out about them when took a cross-country road trip in 2009. They had them at the painted desert.

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