Barnes and Noble Nook sells like hotcakes

Amazon isn't the only place shifting inexpensive tablets by the truckload: bookseller Barnes and Noble reports that its Nook lineup of e-readers and tablets sold well over the nine-week holiday period, with sales up 70 percent on last year. [Business Wire]


  1. 70% increase in hardware sales but only 13% increase in content sales is not what I would think they want (though an increase is an increase). 

    Unlike the Kindle Fire the Nook Tablet is a proper Android tablet. I wonder how many people are getting them just to have a tablet, not as an ebook reader.

    1. 113% Also, one would presume that all of those people who got new Nooks haven’t had a chance to buy much for them yet, so I’m presuming B&N is pretty happy with things.

    2. That’s funny, I bought a Nook Tablet and returned it because it’s not a proper Android tablet.  It’s running Android but it’s heavily locked down.  IMO if it doesn’t have free access to Android Marketplace, it’s not a proper Android tablet.
      I went into B&N’s app store and there was exactly one “productivity” app which did email, calendar and other such things.  Take it or leave it, and it was $20.  If you don’t like it, too bad.

      I’m a Nook fan in general and quite like my STR, but B&N is starting to lose ground there as well as the Kindle Touch does everything it does for the same price (well, if you agree to put up with ads, otherwise the Nook is cheaper), but also includes a usable web browser.  Since I side-load all my content anyway I don’t really care what reseller my device is supposedly affiliated with.

        1. Agreed. I bought my Nook specifically because it could be easily rooted; it took me about ten minutes. I’m quite happy with it.

        2. The same is surely true of the Kindle. And until the latest software update, it was possible to install other roms on the Kindle Fire, which has not been possible with the Nook Tablet. I say this as an Nook Tablet owner.

  2. The action is at the low end. 
    A rooted nook color is an excellent tablet.
    What we are seeing is the commoditization of tablets. The iPad has been the Rolex of the tablet market, and the Casios and Seikos have finally shown up, just as they have in the smartphone market.
    This is very exciting in that the real impact of tablets kicks in when they are cheap plentiful and ubiquitous.

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