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  1. Jenna Moser says:

    Matter of time, Rob.

  2. Zero Sonico says:

    This is a copy of iUnicorn.

  3. theophrastvs says:

    Can someone, anyone, explain in simple terms to a humble out-of-the-looper why/how “my pretty pony” has suddenly become of significant interest (“gone viral” if you must) so many years after it was cast in a little girl’s toy bin?  (is there some visual pun i’m missing involving pretty-pony and gerbils and bieber or some-such?) [pull-o-forelock]

    • The genius behind PowerPuff Girls, etc., made a new series of it.

      • Sam Archer says:

        ^ What he said.  The new series is actually a really quality production.

      • theophrastvs says:

        oh… there’s a “reboot” that’s been done.  thankee for the clear-up.   that was the missing piece of the puzzle.  egads folks, why not create something utterly novel?  matriarchal badgers (each associated with its own prime number) from the seventh dimension leaps to mind.  don’t just set schoolhouse rock to rap and go get coffee. (and for gawdsake, don’t have spock jumping in bed with uhura!)

        • Eddie Perkins says:

          Because Hasbro wants to sell toys and My Little Pony is a recognized brand. That sad truth aside, the show is actually very good. 

        • Guest says:

          I am eagerly awaiting your show about the matriarchal badgers. Maybe Adult Swim?

          • Phoc Yu says:

            Draw it in MS Paint and it’s no worse a plot than the other crap they’ve been putting up lately.

          • elix says:

            I can actually see Chester being interested in Matriarchal Badgers, with their swishy moves and their curious socks. He’d crack walnuts for them.

    • Church says:

      It’s a genuinely fun show that’s well done in all respects. 

      That’s it. No irony required.

    • Jerril says:

      I sympathize. I collected My Little Pony when I was younger, and was very confused when my (male) peers suddenly went all MLP4EVA on me.

    • Mujokan says:

      I like kids’ cartoons,  so I watched the first couple but it hasn’t grabbed me so far. On the other hand, it was immediately obvious that Power Puff Girls had something special, like Spongebob or my current favorite Adventure Time. Any episode in particular I should watch?

  4. Kevin Hester says:

    Ew. Rule 34 and and reddit has ruined ponies for me. For the NSFW reddit see: (warning – can not be unseen ;-) )

    • Church says:

      No exceptions.

      There’s also a SFW subreddit that’s very active.

    • elix says:

      I’m on pony hiatus for a little while to let season 2 episodes collect up a little bit, but also to let time erode some of the clop art I stumbled upon. Let’s just say that r/clopclop is just the start–the whole adult furry art community (note: not ‘furry community’, ‘adult furry art community’; there is not a perfect overlap) is out there.

      I won’t link anything to spare the purity of this comment page, but I’ll just say this: MSPaint + Tails (from Sonic the Hedgehog) + it doesn’t matter who from the Friendship is Magic cast.

  5. Yep says:

    Whats up with the broken horn? Did he have a run in with Conan?

  6. ikelleigh says:

    I must be getting old, but I haven’t quite figured out what the sudden interest in this My Little Pony crap is all about. Maybe it’s some kind of troll to drive everyone like myself crazy.

    • Shay Guy says:

      Believe it or not, the series that started in 2010 is actually good. Like, by almost any measure. Art, animation, voice acting, humor, world-building, occasional action sequences, and above all characterization. Consensus seems to be that it’s got one of the best ensembles of any TV series in years.

      Yeah, there are some restrictions due to the TV-Y rating and the occasional fumbled moral (the canonical example being “Feeling Pinkie Keen”), but on the whole it adds up well.

      Go on. Give it a go.

      • ikelleigh says:

        Why do I get this creepy “join-my-cult” vibe from you? Haha

        • elix says:

          Basically, when you take into account that it was bankrolled by a toy company interested primarily in the wallets belonging to parents of girls aged 4-8, and that’s understood to be a baseline, the show is very well-written and the production values are high. The show’s core message is one of positivity and friendship. The show made its way to 4chan, and while some posters made their dislike particularly evident (in many and varied ways), for a number of posters, the show was a perfect storm. Also, I imagine that a lot of 4chan frequenters are disaffected young men, and this would’ve been a warm hug of positivity that they could enjoy privately at their computers.

          The end result is that you have a large unintended fanbase, and Hasbro has embraced (or at least acnowledged) their unintended fans with promos that directly reference brony community characters or memes, as well as guiding season 2 to be more responsive to the fans (such as a background pony with an accidentally walleyed expression being named Derpy Hooves by the fans and being elevated to speaking pony status in season 2). They also don’t crack down on episode distribution, since their real market is the toy lines–and both kids and older fans buy the toys, including McDonalds Happy Meal toys.

          If you simplify Shay Guy’s lexicon to a seven-year-old’s written sophistication level, he/she (hey, ‘Guy’ could be a name) could be telling you about some new cartoon show and how it’s the best thing ever and this wouldn’t feel that unusual. I hope that was a less messianic explanation.

  7. kartwaffles says:

    Rob, just posting this article makes you a brony. It’s OK. We accept you.

  8. Stefan Jones says:

    More guys would be bronies if it weren’t for the gelding requirement.

  9. fett101 says:

    You’re not going to become a brony unless you try watching the show. New episode this Saturday, 10 am est on the hub. Or there’s always YouTube.

  10. Shibi_SF says:

    Very good poem!  Everyone should have their own personal ode to their My Little Pony.

  11. jon29 says:

    Nice going – you summoned the bro-nies.

  12. EeyoreX says:

    The MLP fan art community comments on the fan art-generator and everything goes meta:

  13. Ipo says:

    My mutant eohippus.

  14. Palomino says:

    I wanted an evil one, I stole one from my sister, cut off it’s hair and painted it black, I love it. I’m sending her this image. 

  15. apoxia says:

    Here’s my one. I had three ponies as a child. All were presents from family or friends as my mother thought they were creepy looking.

  16. Lodewijk Gonggrijp says:

    +1 for your dad and +1 for your poem :)

  17. Holli says:

    The hairstyle options include all the hairstyles worn by characters on Avatar: The Last Airbender. You can make a Katara pony! THIS IS EXCITING TO ME.

  18. shrocket says:

    Tumblr user Bon! Ba la bon~ used the pony maker to make every Doctor . . .

  19. Church says:

    Vaguely related: My Little 3-D Printed Pony

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