DeLorean buffed to mirror-finish

On the Autopia forums, AkamaiDetailing recently unveiled his brushed-steel DeLorean, polished and buffed to a mirror finish: "This took an insane amount of time, but it was so worth it. Has anyone else done this before?" They have indeed.


  1. As an alternative to the insane amount of labor this takes, I’ve heard that there are companies that will polish Airstream trailers to a mirror finish for $100-ish / linear foot.

    1. Sure, and think how much more effort it takes to polish stainless steel than it does to polish the aluminum Airstreams.  

    1. I was thinking that too.  I feel truly sorry for anyone who accidentally gets a bright reflection in the face while trying to get his family home safely.

      1. Yeah, because nobody has ever washed and waxed their car to the point where the sun glints brightly on it.  Stay humourless.

        1. I guess you just don’t understand the difference between a waxed car and a fucking mirror on wheels. Chromed cars and accessories are not even legal in most jurisdictions run by thinking people.

          And just to show you I’m not humourless:

          Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?

          Because it was dead.

      2. There are big trucks with shiny aluminum fuel trailers all over the freeways, I’m sure families will be just fine …

    2. I’ve noticed that there’s a transportation corollary to Murphy’s Law: One always tends to drive east in the morning and west in the afternoon.

      1. My dad had some cancerous lesions removed from the left side of his face and left forearm as a result of several years of commuting southeast in the morning and heading back northwest in the afternoon.

  2. That is bad ass. Love it! Wish my neighbor down the street would do that with the two that are rotting in his yard.

    1. I used to walk past the two rotting in the Universal Studios parking lot (one of them in full Flux Capacitor detail). This was in the 90’s, I hope they have been rescued since.

  3. I’ve always wondered why more DeLorean drivers didn’t do this.  I didn’t realize it was quite so labor-intensive.  But I never understood why someone would pay so much for a car that looked like a commercial pizza oven.

    Nor one that looks so speedy, but is handily beaten in a drag race by a Toyota minivan.

    1. note the matt black bonnet (hood for USAnians)… wonder if the DeLorean owner has thought about being blinded driving into low sun? Nope… he hasn’t

  4. I guess if you bought a Delorean, it isn’t surprising that you have a lot of time on your hands.

  5. I respectfully disagree. Not because it could blind other motorists. Because the mirror finish confuses the excellent lines of the car. It’s a Giugiaro masterpiece, for cryin’ out loud.

  6. “Nor one that looks so speedy, but is handily beaten in a drag race by a Toyota minivan. ”

    That’s not saying much, today’s cars are so overpowered. I heard a V6 Rav4 beats Magnum PI’s Ferrari 0-60.

    1. Top Gear did it with a Camry, which is the same drivetrain, so you’re probably right.  I know my own Rav4 is a lot faster than it needs to be.  Which is A-OK with me.

  7. Don’t think it would be a danger on the road – people don’t seem to have too much trouble with polished Airstreams, truck bumpers, and tanker trailers.
    It does look a bit tacky though, especially on a dirty street. Here’s a pic of a UK soccer player’s chrome Aston Martin. (Excuse the nasty Daily Mail link with their standard classist (and probably racist?) ‘people with more money than sense’ griping.  

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