Floor tiles made out of recycled leather belts

Ting London makes bespoke flooring out of recycled leather belts, laying them down like floorboards. When/if you get sick of them, they'll take them back and recycle them. I'm not sure how they'd wear or what they'd be like to clean, but they look awesome.

Each belt is hand selected to ensure a high grade of leather and then the belts are stripped of their metals, hand cleaned with chemical free substances and prepared for use. The vintage belts for each tile are carefully designed in-house as the colour and patterning on the belts is sensitive to each tile. This means no two tiles will ever be the same.

Flooring | Ting (via Core 77)


  1. “chemical free substances” … can anybody point out where on the periodic table I might find such substances?

    1. Beat me to it. Surely the discovery and use of a chemical free substance is the remarkable issue here?

  2. Dammit, I came in here to post that same question.  “chemical free substances” is some sort of marketing jibberish that doesn’t mean anything (unless maybe they were cleaned with a pure vacuum somehow?)

  3. Would a pure vacuum count as a “substance”?

    “Chemical-free substances”.  Sheesh.  Might as well tell us that you’re using unicorn farts and leprechaun blood to clean them.  If you mean “soap and water” say “soap and water”.  If you mean something else, just say it.  “Chemical-free substance” makes me feel like you’re trying to hide something in wiggle words (and not very well) rather than being honest about it.

    But those are some nice looking floor coverings.  But since they don’t seem to give a price for the tiles I imagine they fall somewhere between “too rich for my blood” and “it’d be cheaper to just clean my floors with unicorn farts”…

  4. The implication is that the cleaners are “natural”, i.e. free of man-made chemicals. I just hope they don’t contain naturally occurring uranium.

      1. Yes, but in a horrible way.  Under certain conditions, some of the fats in a corpse can saponify, forming adipocere.  Which isn’t all soap, but it contains a significant amount of it.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adipocere 

  5. Along with the “chemical free” issue, how is this flooring “bespoke”?!  That word makes my skin crawl even when used correctly.  “Pretentious” is a fine substitute most of the time.

    1. Thank you. I was beginning to think I was the only person on the planet who was irked by that damned word. It was a scant two years ago that I’d never even seen it — not even in its traditional sense of “custom-tailored”. Then suddenly it was *everywhere*. What’s wrong with saying “custom-made”, anyway?

  6. The lower white belt must have been on a diet.  There are half a dozen homemade holes in it.

  7. It sounds cool and all, but some part of me would be creeped out by having a floor made of skin.  Bad enough lots of people make flesh furniture.  For some reason flooring crosses a line for me.

  8. When I was going to University I chanced upon a small gym in the residence that must have dated to the fourties or earlier.  It  had the standard high school gym stuff like basketball nets and various lines on the hardwood floor.  Not particularly well lit, but rather pleasant for that.  Around the gym about fifteen feet off the floor ran a narrow balcony.  When I climbed up to see, it turned out to be an indoor running track.

    The track was beautifully banked in the corners, and floored with LEATHER.  Of course I had to try it out, even though I hadn’t done any running in a while, it was amazing to run on… just resilient enough,  nice traction, and just a nice smooth feel generally.

    That was the first, last and only time my knees didn’t hurt after running.  If I could get a floor like that (like my running track, not the dopey floor made of belts), and be sure that I would never spill coffee on it, I would be interested.

  9. I like it. I also like the business model, by which the company resells their inventory when you decide you want hardwood or carpet again. I’m sure you don’t get any of your money back when they recycle the belts…

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