Invincible Space Lair for sale


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  1. Ianto_Jones says:

    * Note: 5-megaton blasts may cause severe damage to organic lifeforms within a 30 mile radius.  Seller makes no warranty as to the survivability of any non-structural elements of the property during thermonuclear detonations.  Seller accepts no responsibility for any incidental immolation or vaporization that buyer or buyer’s guests may experience.

  2. MrsBug says:

    Unless they have sharks with frickin’ laser beams, it’s not worth my time.

    • Takashi Omoto says:

      It’s hard to find a place with nice sharks with frickin’ laser beams that isn’t on self-destruct countdown.

  3. marque cornblatt says:

    Guns & Gardens need this for our zombie defense fortress.  Who’s willing to fund a kickstarter?

  4. Guest says:

    So, is the new BB lair orbital or something? Why sell the place, guys?

  5. Tom Pappalardo says:

    Is it just me, or does that seem like a really good deal?

    • gadgetphile says:

      Sounds like a good deal, too bad it’s not in Carmel proper.

      And I bet getting broadband there is a challenge- it’s probably too far away from a telephone central office for DSL and why would a cable company want to dig cable all the way there?

      Oh well, it still would be too long of a commute for me.

      edit: okay, if it was built as a telephone relay link, maybe you can get DSL there. But I wouldn’t count on it.

      And here’s their sale page:

  6. obeyken says:

    This word “Space Station” you keep using… I don’t think it means what you think it means.

  7. Listener43 says:

    They were supposed to give me time to make a counter-counter-offer before going public with the listing!
    I think I’ll look for a place in the UK instead.

  8. “Able to take a 5 megaton blast”

    How is that actually determined?  And can you get your money back if the claim turns out to be false?

  9. jennchlebus says:

    Built in the ’60′s, by the gubmint. Prolly chock fulla asbestos and lead… well it would have to have lots of lead, but you know what I mean.

  10. Cameron Huff says:

    Hmm, I don’t know.  It can only take a 5 megaton blast.  I would need something that can take at least a 6 megaton blast.

  11. niro5 says:

    A perfect starter lair for a first time evil bond-villain.

  12. Brett Kling says:

    I totally see the guys who wrote The Venture Brothers buying this property.  LOL

  13. Ianto_Jones says:

    Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the potential of the Force.

  14. awjt says:

    What happens when you cross an invincible space lair with a 20-story abandoned missile silo lair?

  15. beforewepost says:

    The article has a few points wrong. The station was built as a relay link for telephone calls by COMSAT/AT&T, not the government.  It shut down in 2002 when trans-oceanic fiber optic links became cheaper than maintaining satellite relays.  

     Those of you who read the Puzzle Palace may recall this location as being the reason the NSA built a satellite receiving station at Point Sur.  COMSAT’s satellite beam was wide enough that the NSA could intercept transmissions without needing access to the physical site.

  16. eolpm says:

    You also inherit an employment contract with some guy named Torgo.

  17. Pete Johnson says:

    so much want…

  18. bo1ngbolnguser001 says:

    check your facts, Rob.  This station was not the first to receive live images of the moon landing.  Read the station’s website before posting an article next time

  19. Emo Pinata says:

    Pretty sure we can squeeze a few more than three bedrooms out of that with some elbow grease.

  20. Halloween Jack says:

    Reality check: the closest thing to an original source that I can find is the owner, who has been trying to offload it for some time now. (I don’t want to be too hard on the guy–he wanted to get rid of the place after his son died–but an above-ground facility being able to survive a 5-meg hit just sounds more like hyperbole to me.)

  21. Jim Saul says:

    I think this is it:

    36°24’11.19″ N 121°38’47.36″ W

    In Google Earth if you look at the timeline for the imaging of the site taken on 6/6/2002 it sure looks like the saucer tilts.

  22. lewis_stoole says:

    i’d rather the boingboing cyber commune purchase huell howser’s volcano house, however, despite my immense displeasure and better judgement, i have dispensed five dollars via paypal to support the new collective fund for this particular secret lair.  all i ask is that if the bid wins, i will be allowed to sleep one night on the bearskin rug at the foot of the master’s bed.  it is not much to request.

  23. Jim Saul says:

    Knowing nothing about the relevant technology, could that kind of receiver be converted to radio astronomy?

  24. Adam A says:

    Whoa, Facebook has totally blocked this BoingBoing link …

  25. Palomino says:

    The address in the article is incorrect. Here’s a Google Map link.

    and this:,

  26. jiraffa says:

    “The property is in a Wi-Fi FREE valley” not to be confused with a valley full of free wifi

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