Steampunk playing cards


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  1. robotnik says:

    Do they shuffle themselves?

  2. K. Williams says:

    Looks more dieselpunk than steampunk …

  3. Egypt Urnash says:

    Looks like the only thing “steampunk” about them is the backing art and the cool case they come in? What little glimpses that promo had of the faces looked like any other deck of cards I’ve ever seen, except for the Aces.

  4. ifriit says:


    EDIT: Whoops, looks like I wasn’t the only one thinking this.

  5. jtj608 says:

    Don’t you mean the United States Playing Card Co.?

    • Randy Murray says:

      I’ve been in the Civil War era United States Playing Card company’s factory in Cincinnati. It’s very cool and more than a little true steam punk. They even have a playing card museum, but I’m not sure it’s open to the public any more. That’s a shame – it’s really fascinating.

      Try, sometime, and look up how Bicycle playing cards used as POW escape maps . . .

  6. Andrew Mayne says:

    Theory11 does some great stuff. 

    You should check out their charity: water cards they’ve released to support clean drinking water (100% of the proceeds go to this cause):

  7. Art says:

    First mistake:  If it’s really Steampunk,  it should not have the actual word, “Steampunk” written on it.  (that’s so cheesy!)

    Secondly,  if the corporate heads were insistent upon using the word,  they should spell it correctly. It’s NOT two separate words.

  8. Deidzoeb says:

    Funny, I remember reading in punk zines when people argued about what constituted authentic punk, how to subdivide it into narrower categories within punk, complaining about other people posing like punks or failing various tests of authenticity. Wonder how long steampunks will be at this stage.

    Y’all go ahead and nuke the steam shark. I’ll be safely hiding inside this diesel fridge.

  9. BrotherPower says:

    If I could draw, I’d totally do a hand-tinted engraving of Professor Fonzarelli jumping his dirigibike over a copper-clad steam-powered shark.

    Get on that, Internet!

  10. Spriggan_Prime says:

    He’s wearing sneakers. Faux-pas, or Steam-pas.

  11. Britt L. says:

    The juxtaposition between the ridiculously dramatic music in that video and the relatively boring deck of playing cards had me simultaneously turning down the volume, rolling my eyes, and clicking the X.

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