How to train children to not vomit when they become astronauts

(Via Phil Are Go)


    1. We always used old tractor tires that were apparently provided for this purpose, as I lived nowhere near a farm.

  1. More of an FYI to the tech crew that runs the site. When pics like this one show up in my RSS reader (Google Reader) that are usually enormous (probably shown full sized?) so whatever code is being supplied to the RSS feed it diesn’t include any sizing info for the pictures.

  2. I love how she’s smiling in the first picture, but not in either of the exposures in the second.

  3. Just be sure they don’t find out that what they think is a video game is actually a real war against aliens.

  4. My kids would turn it into a torture implement inside of an hour.  Failing that, they would find a way to ride it down the stairs.  (Last night’s game, which I ended, was to go head first into sleeping bags then slither down the stairs, also head first).  My DNA are very concerned.

    1. I remember that game!  Especially good on stairs that twist once or twice.

      And I managed to reproduce.  Have faith.

  5. That looks really familiar. I may remember it from my childhood.

    At the time of this ad, Gene O’Fallon owned the Denver TV station that hosted the “Fred & Fay” show; it’s possible it was featured there.

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