Huffington Post adds science section

I don't know much about the editor they've hired, former health editor David Freeman, but color me cautiously optimistic. Will this move clean up the HuffPo's notoriously woo-filled science coverage? Cross fingers.


    1. Woo is superstition presented as science, usually with a healthy dose of conspiracy theory to explain why mainstream science labels it superstition.

        1. Lobster has it the right way around. It’s not science that’s been “diluted”, it’s just crazy made up stuff that may or may not borrow from science to make itself look more plausible (eg. “crystals can heal you because of quantum energy fields” sounds more workable to modern listeners than “magic rocks”).

  1. What is a “Huffington Post” anyway? It sounds more like an architectural element than a news source. Huffpo is more like a megablog than an actual news source, and until now the accuracy of their science reporting has been abysmal. I hope this hiring will help rather than just lending credibility.

    1. Maybe the same people who get their history from the History Channel.

      A shame, really, because the Huffington Post could have been so much more, at the beginning I thought it would be an anti-Drudge Report, instead it’s just a mirror image, give or take.

  2. Judging by HuffPo’s other forays, it’ll be a combination of woo, press releases and real tidbits that BoingBoing linked to days before…

  3. First up, the science of why homeopathy works! It’s all the quantums resonating in the crystal energy fields imprinting on the water’s ethical compass. I just vomited that out off the top of my head, but Poe’s Law applies here.

  4. I’ll finally be able to publish my thesis on the connection between vaccines and brain worms. I bet they won’t pay me either!

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