Papercraft Paris


11 Responses to “Papercraft Paris”

  1. Alan Olsen says:

    When I saw that my first reaction was either a bowling ball or large rubber monsters.

    But then again monsters never attack Paris.

  2. Melinda9 says:

    I went to his site and learned how to make  cute little dollhouses.

  3. sam1148 says:

    I get a “Mary Blair” vibe in the artwork. (the Disney artist). 

  4. “…a positive externality…”?    ???!

  5. TheMudshark says:

    spice up your romantic life by bringing your loved one a Continental breakfast in bed with a miniature Paris on the tray, and deliver it wearing a beret and nothing else.

    Well, thanks for that image, Cory.

  6. Gloo says:

    Sorry for  all who printed it as it is but you’ll need to dump some of your Continental breakfast. The sign for the French bakery has a typo. It’s not a “Patisserie” but a “Pâtisserie”  :o)

  7. you had me at  Deux Chevaux

  8. ArizonaGeek says:

    There’s not enough graffiti on them!

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