Supercute! "Dumb Dumbs"


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  1. snipehunt says:

    I knew I recognized them from somewhere!  The heart faced girl is from the Tractenberg Family Slide Show, and I saw her play drums when she was like 10.

    The guy talking to AWK is her dad.  All of this makes me feel incredibly old. 

  2. atomicelroy says:

    up… up… with pimples!

  3. Antinous / Moderator says:

    I’m starting to sense a disturbing trend in current music.

  4. vonskippy says:

    Totally Nauseating.

  5. Peter Eller says:

    that was Kate Nash at the start

  6. Pedantic Douchebag says:

    I have it on good authority that if you watch this, the recent Zooey Deschanel/Joseph Gordon-Levitt video, and any episode of Portlandia within one 24 hour period, you’ll wake up the next morning with a pair of skinny jeans and a stocking cap on the foot of the bed, accompanied only by a note reading “FOR YOU”.

    • BarBarSeven says:

      Part of me wants to dismiss this as “twee” nonsense as well, but they are really doing a better job of what they are doing than most other indie acts out there. I applaud them!

  7. My friend is one of the awesome people in the background in the basement trippy scene!!!! Ahhh She’s so cool x)

  8. Jeremy LaGant says:

    My life would be a lot better had I not seen that.

  9. Gary Smith says:

    The uke is a gateway drug to the banjo.  Beware.

  10. Greg Doyle says:

    Just really annoying and repetitive,  repetitive annoyingness

  11. Sxe says:

    It’s reassuring to know the rest of you generally didn’t like this either. I was worried for a minute.

  12. petsounds says:

    Compare this to the Os Mutantes track featured a few stories down, and it’s pretty clear to see why there’s very little fantastic music these days. I’ve heard it said that the internet lets young artists be inspired by music from all over, but I’d argue that it makes them all converge towards one aural shade of brown.

    It’s also clear that if you’re a band and want to get the BoingBoing Bump, you need to have at least one doe-eyed, young hipster girl playing a ukelele. If she’s wearing steampunk gear, that’s a bonus. And if they released their tracks under the Creative Commons, double bonus.

  13. Adolph Marx says:

    I guess they didn’t use the proper spelling “Dum Dums” due to trademark/copyright?

  14. helder says:


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