If Randy Newman did a themesong for "We Need to Talk About Kevin"

Zack sez, "Remember how a hyper-earnest Randy Newman song used to play the opening/ending of just about every Hollywood flick? Well, here's one creative person's take on the song Newman would do for the acclaimed Tilda Swinton school shooter drama WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN. The parody is absolutely dead on (spoiling the book and film, mind you), but accurately captures Newman's rhyme style and piano beat. Now someone just needs do do Randy Newman's MELANCHOLIA..."

Randy Newman's Theme Song from 'We Need to Talk About Kevin'.m4v (Thanks, Zack!)


  1. I still can’t get over the fact that Randy Newman has become a touchstone for hyper-earnest songs, since his non-movie music is exceedingly acerbic and ironic, and at times downright disturbing.

    1. Well, the good news is that they “spoil” that part within the first fifteen minutes of the movie, so… you can still look forward to it! I knew ahead of time too and still enjoyed it.

  2. Might explain what put Kevin over the edge.
    “Left foot, right foot
    Left foot, right foot
    Left foot, … “

  3. If these lame parodists ever just listened once to the brilliant Sail Away, or Good Old Boys, or Land of Dreams they might drop dead of a heart attack.  “But I thought Randy Newman only wrote treacly melodies and sappy lyrics!  My brain can’t handle all this cold irony, bitter yet self-effacing humor, and sophisticated musicianship!  Where’s the easy-to-mock movie soundtrack music?”  

  4. @estragon_nyc:disqus – I was just about to post the exact same thing. Randy Newman should not…. cannot be judged solely upon his feel good, gentle sounding film songs. His studio albums are phenomenal and he’s composed some wonderful scores as well (Ragtime, The Natural). Methinks the guy who did this parody (and everyone who thought this was so funny) should stop watching Family Guy and give Newman’s discography a good spin.

  5. As the parodist in question, I can assure “estragon_nyc” and “yupgiboy” that I’m a huge, non-ironic fan of Randy Newman’s work, especially the stuff from before he started doing movie songs, though I like a lot of those too. The notion that this parody was meant as a slam against RANDY NEWMAN’S ENTIRE CAREER is unfounded and silly. For that matter, it’s not even meant as a “slam” on Newman’s movie tunes … more an affectionate ribbing. Like the man said: laugh and be happy; don’t you ever wear a frown; don’t let the bastards grind you down.

    1. I stand completely corrected, then. I run into way too many people who roll their eyes when I mention Randy Newman because of how he’s perceived in current pop culture. I apologize for making assumptions. I suppose it’s fitting that I would misunderstand a Randy Newman parody much in the same way a casual listener would misunderstand a Randy Newman song!

    2. Glad to hear it, mister.  But like yupgiboy, I’ve run into so many people who only know the film tunes and mock all his work on that basis, that leaping to such a conclusion here was almost inevitable.  As a fan of his actual career, I’m sure you can appreciate how passionate and even protective we can get when we think his reputation is being slighted!

  6. As a hardcore Newman fan, I always laugh when people do imitations of him.  They never seem to get the voice just right.  The trick is to try and sound like Ray Charles (as that is who Newman has said he is trying to imitate voice wise) and then make it a bit more “whitey”.  

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