Cheap Ikea anglepoise knock-off is a good articulated arm for webcams

Ikea makes a super-cheap, $9 articulated anglepoise knock-off lamp. The articulated arm is a useful for anything lightweight that needs to have an adjustable X- and Y-axis. Instructables user Brianandrewparker shows how to use a blob of Sugru to mount a webcam to the lamp-base and give yourself a nice, adjustable camera. He notes that this would be useful for mounting other things, too.

Tertial Webcam (via Lifehacker)


  1. I used to have one of those but it kept jumping up and down on every letter “I” it could find.  In the end it got quite messy.

  2. I have one on my desk right now holding a Samson C01U mike held in a wire cage, purchased back when I was recording my podcasts.

    Now I use it for recording high-quality audio for my video conferencing.

    Its actually quite usable.

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