Cheap Ikea anglepoise knock-off is a good articulated arm for webcams


13 Responses to “Cheap Ikea anglepoise knock-off is a good articulated arm for webcams”

  1. Maximillian says:

    I use mine for a microphone at my desk. (I purchased 3 for this type of hack a few months ago)

  2. [insert hilarious 'mounting other things' joke]

  3. Brian Easton says:

    I think that instead of bonding the webcam directly to the armature I would have used something closer to a standard camera mount.

  4. Eark_the_Bunny says:

    I used to have one of those but it kept jumping up and down on every letter “I” it could find.  In the end it got quite messy.

  5. snordalisk says:

    Technically this is a knockoff of a Luxo lamp, not an Anglepoise.

  6. LeSinge says:

    What if you left the lamp/bulb but mounted the camera above the bulb? Ring flash?

  7. EH says:

    $2 at your local St. Vincent’s.

  8. msbpodcast says:

    I have one on my desk right now holding a Samson C01U mike held in a wire cage, purchased back when I was recording my podcasts.

    Now I use it for recording high-quality audio for my video conferencing.

    Its actually quite usable.

  9. Jason Spears says:

    And we named him Wheatley.  He’s not bright, but isn’t he ADORABLE?

  10. Steve Taylor says:

    I use mine as a desk lamp. It’s pretty good for a cheapie.

  11. Ant says:

    GLaDOS? The AI from Flight of the Navigator movie?

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