Gathering of the Bronies

At The Awl, Kase Wickman covers the first major Brony convention, an "explosion of wild color ... the glitter, the rainbows, the homemade pony-mane hooded sweatshirts, all of it bright and sparkly enough to send any pop culture-aware preteen princess into spasms of jealousy."


  1. I think we need a equivalent product for boys, “My Mighty Wolf.”

    Dozens and dozens of snarly-looking collectible little wolves,with various combinations of notched ears, piercings, fearsome fur patterns and cybernetic enhancements.

    I’d watch THAT cartoon any day.

  2. I still have to laugh whenever I see bronies described as being “mostly male” – the word specifically refers to the male fans of the series.
    Really should get around to watching it one of these days.

    1. Maybe that was the case at the beginning, but at least now brony is used for male a female fans alike. There were (and still are sometimes) discussion going on about how women fans of the show should be called (sisnies, pegasisters, …). But every girl a heard about it so far is using “brony” as well. Also I don’t see why the name should be seperated by sex.

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