Optical illusions

The Optillusions blog appears to be a collection of optical illusions, but there's something not quite right about it.


  1. The “spot the shark one” is great. It took a couple minutes but now I can’t see anything but that damn shark.

    1. I seriously stared at it for like 3 minutes, trying not to blink, even though I examined the devils tuning fork beforehand and decided something was off… Sudden realization was achieved at minute 4.

    2. It took me five hours, but was well worth it. Though we should warn people–it’s very, very, very subtle.

  2. The one about the shark is really funny to me. Whenever I see one of those images, the only I need to do is taking off my glasses, and I can see those shapes right away, without staring at the point. I just take off my glasses and see the shark figure. Tail to the left, head to the right of the image. 

  3. It is very cool how the “devil’s tuning fork” at first looks like it has 2 prongs but when you look at it really closely and cross your eyes just so, you see it actually only has two prongs.

    It is amazing how the mind works, just making them round cylinders at one end and rectangular bars at the other tricks your mind into believing that there really are two prongs when in fact it has at least, no more than two.

    1. What–you’re crazy! I’ve been studying that for hours, and I can say with complete certainty that there are TWO prongs. Check again.

  4. My eyes are broken after that five minute stare, pretty sure it gave me a cataract. Still no shark… 

  5. That staircase is completely mad – you could go round and round it forever and never get to either the top or the bottom of your house!

  6. Weird. No sharks for me. All I could see was pandas. Five of them. Did anyone else see them?

  7. Hmm. Is this a gullibility test? Because there’s nothing wrong with many of the things shown. The cube is just a regular box shape. The stairs are not paradoxical. Nah. These are not as advertised. Clever trick though.

      1. I thought at first it was an in-joke. Then I started to think, “no I think they actually believe this.” There then followed a mind spinning few moments where I wasn’t sure if I was part of a joke or peer pressure was creating a reality. Either way I thought … “stuff it” … so I barged in. Yeah, totally shameless.

  8. I think the site should be called Optical Illusion Illusions.

    At first I thought the Checkerbox illusion was discordant because: here was a real illusion. No, however.  If you color-sample it, he’s doctored it so they actually are different shades (!)

  9. Actually, the real version of the chessboard illusion is my all time favorite.  I have cut out a square and moved it back and forth, and dang if it doesn’t match them both.

    The board on this site is broken though.

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