The best account on Twitter


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  1. Dawn Endico says:

    You re About To Launch A Resell Rights Attack So Deadly That Your Visitors Will Instantly Throw Up

  2. scatterfingers says:

    It’s so accidentally whimsical, in exactly the same sort of way email spam is whimsical and magical.

  3. Alden says:

    “One of humanity s greatest unspoken fears is”

    Great, now I’ll never know.

  4. dculberson says:

    Well, that was far more fun than I expected.  12-16 baby corn.

  5. clastowka says:

    Definitely could be the #2 account on Twitter, but in my opinion nobody can top @DadBoner:

    • noah django says:

      great.  now I’m down the rabbit hole with Karl.  so much for getting anything done on my day off, you guys.

  6. Mordicai says:

    I get enough of it in retweets, but it IS bloody genius.  We’ve found our infinite monkeys I guess.

  7. BDiamond says:

    Why are articles about spammy/lulzy Twitter accounts so bloody l-o-n-g? They’re like the anti-Twitter. (ADHD, what’s that?)

  8. One of my happiest twitter moments (which isn’t saying much really; still) was when horse_ebooks followed me. Made my weekend.

  9. So, basically, this spambot is a neighsayer?

  10. Guest says:

    “Are you sick of seeing magazine pregnancy models perform outdated lateral raises”


  11. Mookerchief says:

    Reminds me of the Hybrid in Battlestar Gallactica. Maybe she was just spouting spam all along… 

  12. mercedes42 says:

    So, stupid question: are all spambot tweets written by software programs? Or is an actual person writing these?

  13. mercedes42 says:

    Ok, stupid question: are all spambot tweets written by software programs? It seems incredible that random sentences could be so serendipitously awesome.

  14. Ben Lawrence says:

    Numbers station.

  15. C W says:

    “It isn’t a parody account and it doesn’t tell jokes”I disagree. There might have been a spambot at some point in the past, but these updates are far too… curated to not be intentionally selected.

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