Chalkboard banquet-table

I like this idea for a banquet table: cover it with black construction paper and then chalk on place-settings and namecards for all the guests.

Fall 2006, Blackboard-Chalk Reception Table (via Craft)


  1. As long as the food is served on a tray or plate to cover the name I don’t see the harm. Also, waht irasanborn said – elbow totalitarianists.

  2. I liked the idea and looked at the whole wedding photo album on Martha Stewart Weddings. Having recently been married, I have a big issue with these “crafty” weddings.

    First off, they market these as cheap ways to have a creative wedding, but all these supplies, no matter how inexpensive they may seem, cost quite a bit. It’s a lot cheaper to just rent tablecloths from a caterer and have a florist pop on a centerpiece than purchase the special chalk and paper and tape and cute coffee cans and “inexpensive” flowers and the florist tape and the florist foam on and on and on.

    2) A lot of these ideas are so labor intensive. I have no idea how the brides execute these ideas and suspect that wedding planners end up doing most of the work, even though it’s presented as if these “crafty” brides came up with all this stuff. They act like the morning of the wedding someone related to the wedding was setting out all this cutesie crap – the blackboards, the flowers, the apples, the school photo lettering board, but, really? The mother of the bride wasn’t getting her hair and nails done? Her bridesmaids weren’t busy getting photographs?

    3) These kinds of craft projects require perfect execution to be wedding appropriate. You can really end up looking so kindergarten craft unless, for example, every single place mat outline is perfectly drawn. I don’t see any smudges where someone had to re-do a line in the photos. Again, it points to a professional and not an amateur.

    On the other hand, I think this particular table setting could be a really cute idea for a picnic party, where you weren’t having to put on a ceremony and dress so fancy.

    1. and if you happen to be 1) good at such, 2) enjoy such, or 3) able to grab a useful idea or two from such a thing?

      Bespoke wedding is bespoke.

      1. My issue is that a lot of the ideas I see in MSW are not practical for a wedding, which requires the people who are most invested in it to be busy while the reception is being set up. Most people have hair and makeup and photography during the time that the reception is being set up. How far in advance can you setup the inherently fragile and easily smudged chalk/blackboard tablecloth? Who’s setting this crafty masterpiece up while the bride and her best friends and her mother, the husband and his best friends and his dad are all getting gussied up? Who wants to be messing with this kind of stuff the morning of their wedding?

  3. When did BBG become Pinterest?  Tell Us Cory, What is the best way to use fairy lights at our special occasion?  How do we turn our wine bottles into decorative light fixtures?  — Signed a pinterest user sickened by America’s wedding obsession.

      1. Its all fun and games until antiquing an ikea chair with vinegar and  nail polish remover and you realize the inspirational saying you got tattooed accross your back originally appeared on a 1970’s kitty Poster.

        1. the degree to which you choose to caricature others for daring to try to do something nice speaks only to who you are, nothing about them.

          1. I just think a lot of people pursue beauty and “specialness”  through tips and tricks presented in wonderfully staged photo shoots and end up with a cheap  facade.

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