Stop-motion video shows books at play after the bookshop owner has gone

The good folks at Toronto's Type Books have made this smashing stop-motion animation of their shelves mysteriously and mischievously reorganizing themselves after everyone has gone home. They position the video as a case for printed books, which it is, but it's also a great case for Type Books, which is an absolutely marvellous bookshop with great curated tables and a wicked kids' section. It's also smack in the middle of a really nice place to be: across the road is Trinity Bellwoods park (which, in the summer, includes a supervised kids' maker workshop with saws, hammers and other real tools, as well as music and costume play), and on the same block are The Japanese Paper Place (just what you'd expect!), White Squirrel Coffee (which does an amazing cold brew in the summer and great espresso year round) and Preloved, a store that makes beautiful clothes out of thrift-store finds, seconds and surplus textiles.

The Joy of Books (via Scalzi)


  1. Thereby ironically demonstrating exactly why the internet and digital technologies are so much better than books…. They don’t do this stuff.

    1. This would work just as well on celluloid, and it works very well indeed. No need even for a vacuum tube.

  2. It’s by the *white* squirrel coffee shop…  Ahem.  Named for the fabled white squirrel of the park.

    (Nice video!)

    1. Type books is a fabulous bookshop (and no, I have no affiliation!).  The general state of independent books stores here, and across North America, is disheartening, but Pages appears to be bucking the trend.  They were opened a few years ago by U of Toronto doctoral grads, if I recall correctly, and their books tables are always inviting and well selected.  (They also have an excellent kids book section in the back). 

  3. Nadege bakery across the street makes some really nice things as well.  For instance, their macarons are spectacular.

  4. I could only watch a third of this before becoming totally overwhelmed with a terrifying sense of utter exhaustion, thinking how much work it was to make this, followed by a sickening bout of jealousy, now knowing that there are people out there who have more than 2 minutes of spare time in a day.

    Well, there goes my free time. Back to work.

    1. So much work, for sure!  As to how much spare time they had to do this, it’s hard to say, but while they were making magic, others were surfing the web, gaming, and watching the tube. Just saying. :)

  5. Thanks, Cory, that has made my day. I actually got a bit emotional watching that, it’s just wonderful.
    Big ups to the film makers, too, there’s a huge amount of love and effort went into that, and they deserve the praise.

  6. Love this whimsical take on the life of books! I’ve sent it to every librarian/bibliophile I know.
    Thank you!

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