What happens to your luggage after you check it at the airport?


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  1. Marc Mielke says:

    The 70′s era commercial for Samsonite with the guy in an ape suit is how I always assumed it worked. 

  2. shunkydave says:

    Uhh, I don’t see any ad or video.

  3. Adrian says:

    What happened to having electronics turned off during takeoff and landing?  How were these cameras allowed to operate during the flight?  And certainly TSA must have been warned in advance about the modified suitcase with OMG electronics in it.

    • ToMajorTom says:

      I assume Delta got permission to film all of this (and alerted TSA), so I can’t imagine why all the blurred stuff.  To make it seem more real and less like a commercial?  I don’t know. 

    • LinkMan says:

      Not to mention that somebody had to warn the TSA goons not to steal these particular cameras.

    • Guest says:

      Most of the reason for the ban is so you’re not distracted. Unpossible, apparently.

  4. Huw Morgan says:

    Nice bit of Tycho as the BGM

  5. bcsizemo says:

    Someone should do this with a package through UPS/FedEx/USPS, ect..  That way people can get a real idea of how you need to package things so they aren’t broken when they make it to their destination.  Bonus if the packaged contained G-force and shock sensors to determine impact forces.

  6. Bink Binkerson says:

    “Security” is some magic step where the TSA goons inspect your bags for anything valuable and then confiscate it for “security reasons”.   You get to your destination, and it’s gone.   But you arrived safely, so you are still grateful for their saving you from Evil Bad Guy Terrorists who hate your way of life.

  7. igpajo says:

    So Toy Story 2 was pretty accurate!  

  8. thivai says:

    If ever a meme was needed–response videos showing interpretations of what the security segment looks like.
    For example, I imagine there’s one TSA agent trying on your clothes while another one defecates directly into your suitcase. Dunno how that would go over–not everyone is as into subtle metaphor as I am.

    • LinkMan says:

      In my video, the Kia Party Rock hamsters would be rhythmically rifling through bags and comparing finds.  “Every day I’m rifling…”

  9. Keystone says:

    If they were flying out of PDX, they would have to skip the part where the airport handlers go through your bag for stuff they want.

  10. ahecht says:

    I noticed a conspicuous lack of the onmidirectional barcode scanners like the ones that were installed in my local Southwest baggage claim area a decade ago. Does Delta use RFID now, or is there no real tracking of the packages?

  11. Shibi_SF says:

    I’ve been behind the rubber curtain at Mexico City’s Int’l Airport (at Christmastime) and I can tell you that they dispense with the long conveyor belts and go -brute force, -read the tag with your human eyes and then -fling/toss the luggage into a cargo hauler with your bag.

  12. fenrox says:

    Typo: “there’s some people doing their best to get it to me fast and without throwing it around everywhere.” should be “there’s some people doing their “best” to get it to me fast and without throwing it around everywhere.”

  13. Green Ghost says:

    I missed the part where it was loaded on the wrong plane and then hand delivered  3 days later with items missing. But I’m sure that would be an isolated rare occurrence.  No bitterness from me, none at all.

    • awjt says:

      They also left out the part where it gets stomped on by gorillas, shit on by a giraffe, sat on by a rhino, thrown against a wall repeatedly by a clan of Pterodactyls, only to be pried open by a jerkface, who then rifles through it all looking for dildos.  Then leaves you a note.  They forgot that part.

  14. flowerchild says:

    I’d have more patience if I hadn’t found out that the company with the ground support contract hadn’t hired enough staff to offload the amount of planes landing at London Gatwick while we waited an hour for our bags. How to win a contract: Bid low but don’t honour the clause that says you can fulfill the necessary work.
    Then there’s the damage to baggage in ways that beggar belief…

  15. regsf says:

    One thing to note is that luggage is moved globally on the same system. Any airline can track any piece of baggage. United lost my suitcase for 2 weeks and a friend that worked for Air Emirates had me my suitcase in 2 hours after I complained to him. 

  16. Hubris Sonic says:

    That music didn’t help alleviate the boredom I experienced watching that… meh.

  17. jb says:

    Don’t believe for an INSTANT that the loaders couldn’t recognize the orange dayglo bag with “Delta Baggage Handling Commercial” plastered on the outside…

    Challenge to Delta: arrange for 100 digital accelerometers to be placed randomly in luggage and publish the unedited results.

  18. wygit says:

    “It was also interesting to get a reminder that luggage is loaded into and unloaded from the airplane by hand.”

    I remember the first time I flew into Prague, and while waiting for the luggage, which was popping out of the chute one…bag…every…20…seconds, I walked over to the window overlooking the tarmac, (this was a couple of decades ago), and there was one elderly-looking gentleman taking a bag off the cart… walking it over to the conveyer into the terminal… setting it down (kind of gently),… walking back to the cart…

    Not being in any kind of hurry, it was sorta cute. I imagine if I had had an appointment, it might have been a little frustrating.

  19. Guest says:

    Who are you people with fragile things in your luggage?


  20. obeyken says:

    Hey they left out the part where the baggage handlers went through my luggage and stole the Twin Peaks DVD box set that my parents bought me for Christmas.

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