Crocheted cyclops


11 Responses to “Crocheted cyclops”

  1. sam1148 says:

    I like the dog in the background that has a “WTF?” expression. 

  2. Felloslav says:

    Is that an *adamantine short sword*? 

  3. Lemoutan says:

    Nice. Although over here in the UK we’d probably rather outdo ourselves.  ‘To top onesself” means ‘to commit suicide‘.

  4. woodly says:

    At first glance, I seriously thought that the picture was of a chubby 10yo ginger with arm tattoos.  Even the dog in the background appears to be confused.

  5. jaytkay says:

    Best thing I have seen all week, thanks!

  6. gwailo_joe says:

    It really is Zo Gr3at.  Some Bitchen Stitchen right there…I cant imagine.

  7. miasm says:

    These ones are small but those ones are Faarr Awaayy…

  8. I know I saw that character in Doctor Who…

  9. Paul Renault says:

    With such a big eyeball, there’s almost no room left in the skull for the brain. 

    Stupid cyclops must have been super-easy to defeat.  That’s probably why they’re extinct.

  10. jan angevine says:

    Freckled cyclops are my favorite.

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