Dragon made from disposable dollar-store cutlery

DeviantArt's ~toge-NYC hot-glued this awesome dragon out of plastic disposable cutlery and cups, slaving over it for 80 hours, "completely freestyle - no plans/blueprints/drafts."

Plasticdragon (via Craft)


  1. I love seeing all the cool creative things that people make. Seeing stuff like this never fails to put a smile on my face.

  2. ^^^^^^^^^What’s up with the recent influx of spam on BB?!? ^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Oh and the Dragon is awesome. Be really cool if the artist constructed it such that they could fill it with helium once completed.

  3. Very cool dragon.  Really demos the difference between a true artist, and the rest of us.  I might be able to get a dragon “head” with a solo cup, but that’s about it.  Very inspiring. 

    It would be nice to see this painted, right now, all one color, the details don’t “pop”.

  4. Just goes to show you can make pretty much anything out of anything.  If an Inuit can make a knife out of shit, then I’m certain someone could make a nice dildo.  LOL.

    1. It’s been done. A friend did a 2X life-sized armadillo using soup spoons. Art students do interesting stuff every day.

  5. There’s a gallery in Manhattan (on West Broadway) that shows a bunch of really cool organic looking sculptures made from silver-colored plastic cutlery.

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