Handmade TARDIS purse

Etsy seller LIMOchi makes these killer "poly leather" TARDIS purses to order for all your time-travelling bits and bobs. The seller claims that they are, indeed, bigger on the inside than they are on the outside.

( Not an official Doctor Who product , made by fan, to fan )... Measures: 28 x 16 x16 cm In blue poly leather and rigid cardboard. Also some details can be custom made. Sent in a beautiful box DW themed.

TARDIS purse in poly leather (via Neatorama)


  1. Suppose you have the fortune of living in the UK, and suppose you have the misfortune of being caught in one of those rainstorms that so typifies that nation. Will the handbag survive? Or will the cardboard become sodden with damp, causing the entire thing to lose its shape and structural integrity?

  2. (Not a troll, promise) Are Etsy sellers allowed to sell things that I assume are covered by Trademark law?  Or is it kosher because it’s essentially just a police box – so not protected by a trademark?  Just intrigued as I know Doctor Who has quite a big line of licensed goods, so I can’t imagine they’d be too happy about people making money off their backs – that said if they’re good people they’d license this in a heart beat, it’s awesome.

    1. Technically, no Etsy sellers are not allowed to sell copyrighted items but there are so many sellers now and it doesn’t seem that Etsy has anyone who does anything about it (much like the reseller problem over there with people buying mass made items and selling them at a great markup as handmade). I sell on Etsy and have made a number of Who themed crafts (some of which have been featured here) but have never sold them because the BBC is crazy litigious.
      As for the copyright, see mzed’s comment. The BBC has had the blue phone box copyrighted for a while.

  3. Hi there, I´m Mochi, LIMOchi ´s shop owner

    First, thanks for all the compliments about the purse. 
    Unfortunately and as you said, due to copyright infringement , I decided not to sell it.
    I make designs in my free time , and this one became too succesfull , more than expected.  From the beginning it was a design for myself as I found none like this.

    I agree with you about this matter , and I also think it would be great to license a product like this.  

  4. I wonder if there’s a tiny subculture of police tchotchke fans who draw and make and display these, and who constantly have to say, “IT’S NOT A TARDIS, DAMMIT, IT’S A POLICE CALL BOX! WE HATE THAT SHOW!”

    In my fantasy alternate universe, there is, and I’m one of them.

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