Iraqi restaurant window smashed. Veterans hold "eat-in" to show support for Iraqi refugees.


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  1. ffabian says:

    American Dream? What dream? That everyone has the chance to get abducted, tortured or spied on? 

  2. Brian Sprague says:

    I’m in that area fairly often and I think I’ll check it out.  They’ll be hard-pressed to beat the falafel at Iraqi-owned Star East in Portland, Maine but I’ll give them a shot.

    Also, the Lowell police superintendent thinks it was simple vandalism and not hate-related.  (Below link posted on Babylon’s Facebook page.)  Hope he’s right, although that doesn’t really make the crime any more forgivable. 

  3. orwell says:

    nice to hear some good news…

  4. Spriggan_Prime says:

    Oddly coincidental considering I just read Tom Robbins’ “Skinny Legs and All” today

  5. UstinJay says:

    I would tell them BB sent me, except I read this story on Reddit, about two hours before you posted it.

    • BB is a very good reddit filter though.  Sometimes reddit makes me feel a little queazy with all the hugging and faux internet love – it’s a tad saccharine for this Englishman’s taste.

  6. Christine says:

    Good job to all involved!

    (Even the rock throwers. They enable us to band together and prove a point we won’t put up with their crap.)

  7. EdA says:

    Been meaning to head up there with some Iraqis I know, and now with a 3-day weekend upon us!!!…  @google-3d2b288473bf2e055bbc80ac08052e45:disqus  thanks for the tip in Portland also!

  8. Sekino says:

    I don’t care whether there was ‘hate’ involved in the crime or not, or what is says or doesn’t say about America…

    Some people got victimized and scared; other people got together and showed them kindness and support. That’s just plain wonderful.

  9. Supported the coalition? I think he’s guessing that part. The rest of us weren’t so sure.

    • Marko Raos says:

      Imo he meant “were nice and sympathetic to locally deployed coalition soldiers who were almost as much victims of “the coalition” as the iraqis were”

  10. peterkvt80 says:

    I did meet a guy in Georgia, your average John Deere driving hunter, who made a joke about Iraqi men wearing diapers on their heads. With that level of understanding you can see why some idiot broke the window.
    I recommend trying Iraqi food and I haven’t found anything that I didn’t like, even though with names like “foul medames” you do wonder what is going to arrive at your table.

  11. dioptase says:

    Ah, the hubris of building such a mighty restaurant.  You can’t get to heaven serving humus.  It just won’t pile high enough.

    You have to admit, if you walked into a restaurant speaking one language and left speaking a different language that no one else understood,you might be inclined to express your dissatisfaction with the place using the unambiguous “rock-through-window” message.

    It’s only happened to me twice.  And they avoided the rock by giving me some free falafel.

  12. bklynchris says:

    Thank you for the soul bandage.  I needed something after the story about the developmentally challenges woman being hit by a cop in LA.

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