Iraqi restaurant window smashed. Veterans hold "eat-in" to show support for Iraqi refugees.

[video link] Faith in humanity status: restored. They're from Veterans for Peace. There's an article about the incident in the local paper, here.

Babylon Restaurant, the business targeted in the possible hate crime, was featured in this Boston Globe article just one month ago. If you're in Massachusetts, maybe go have a meal there sometime soon and tell them Boing Boing sent you. Some good Yelp reviews on their falafel and grape leaves! (via @adlangx)


    1. I think the owners of that restaurant would probably laugh at you and the utter ridiculousness of your dismissal of the American Dream were they to read it.  

      1. Speaking as an Arab-American with more than a passing acquaintance with Arab immigrants (and other immigrants more generally)- my experience is that they’re not so starry-eyed about America as most immigrants are made out to be.

        1. Precisely. I’m an immigrant myself and there’s a Canadian Dream, Italian Dream, UK Dream, Swedish Dream… this notion that USians have is why they don’t get how hilarious exceptionalism looks.

  1. I’m in that area fairly often and I think I’ll check it out.  They’ll be hard-pressed to beat the falafel at Iraqi-owned Star East in Portland, Maine but I’ll give them a shot.

    Also, the Lowell police superintendent thinks it was simple vandalism and not hate-related.  (Below link posted on Babylon’s Facebook page.)  Hope he’s right, although that doesn’t really make the crime any more forgivable. 

  2. I would tell them BB sent me, except I read this story on Reddit, about two hours before you posted it.

    1. BB is a very good reddit filter though.  Sometimes reddit makes me feel a little queazy with all the hugging and faux internet love – it’s a tad saccharine for this Englishman’s taste.

  3. Been meaning to head up there with some Iraqis I know, and now with a 3-day weekend upon us!!!…  @google-3d2b288473bf2e055bbc80ac08052e45:disqus  thanks for the tip in Portland also!

  4. I don’t care whether there was ‘hate’ involved in the crime or not, or what is says or doesn’t say about America…

    Some people got victimized and scared; other people got together and showed them kindness and support. That’s just plain wonderful.

    1. Imo he meant “were nice and sympathetic to locally deployed coalition soldiers who were almost as much victims of “the coalition” as the iraqis were”

      1. Almost as much victims of?

        They weren’t forced to join the killing squad you know, it WAS a choice.  Please don’t insult real victims of war with ridiculous statements.

  5. I did meet a guy in Georgia, your average John Deere driving hunter, who made a joke about Iraqi men wearing diapers on their heads. With that level of understanding you can see why some idiot broke the window.
    I recommend trying Iraqi food and I haven’t found anything that I didn’t like, even though with names like “foul medames” you do wonder what is going to arrive at your table.

  6. Ah, the hubris of building such a mighty restaurant.  You can’t get to heaven serving humus.  It just won’t pile high enough.

    You have to admit, if you walked into a restaurant speaking one language and left speaking a different language that no one else understood,you might be inclined to express your dissatisfaction with the place using the unambiguous “rock-through-window” message.

    It’s only happened to me twice.  And they avoided the rock by giving me some free falafel.

  7. Thank you for the soul bandage.  I needed something after the story about the developmentally challenges woman being hit by a cop in LA.

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