1. How typically Ugly American style for someone like the author of this piece to poke fun of the grammatical errors of someone with a helluva a lot more education, born in another country and therefore one whose use of English is as a second language. Why not just say, “If you can’t speak the language (or in this case spell it properly) get the hell out”. I am sure Albert Einstein and Werner Von Braun spent hours fretting over the correct use of grammar in their correspondence before mailing it off. I urge anyone that reads this pointless article just take the time to watch the film “Burzynski” . Any reasonably sane person would understand why there isn’t any medical publications on Dr Burznski’s achievments since 2006. I’d be surprised to find any since 1999. The best comparison I can think of Dr Burzynski would be to describe him as the medical equivalent of “Nicolai Tesla or  Preston Tucker. GOD BLESS YOU Dr. Burzynski. There is a special place in hell for those within the FDA and the NCI who conspire against him.

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