The Midnight Archive: Occult NYC, part 2


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  1. CodyTesnow says:

    This is very cool…but (I’m sorry, it’s too cool to not fix it.) You gotta turn down your music bed. 

  2. ill lich says:

    I got a couple of Blavatsky’s books at the flea market, and wow– they are the most absurd combinations of nonsensical spiritual gobbleygook I’ve ever seen.  It’s kind of fun to read them out loud as if they were hip-hop lyrics or poetry slam performances.

  3. Guest says:

    I throughly enjoyed Mitch’s book, which I read on the subway.

  4. Mysticism and Mystics are NOT a part of any cult label what so ever. Psychics are because they are totally influenced and lead by the devil’s trickery. Thats why the bible states that PSYCHICS will be thrown into the eternal ring of fire aong with firewalkers (declare they are God after they do it), Magicians (who deceive and trick people hence liars) amongst others. Mystics give full credit to God for their gifts and pray for many hours to days; never do readings for money; totally obey God; never tell police where missing or dead bodies are; are void of ego and wealth and are very holy. Many saints were mystics including St Francis of Assisi, St Padre Pio, St Anne Catherine Emmerich, St Bernadette, St Therese of Lisieux amongst thousands of others.

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