Utah AG publishes pro-SOPA op-ed with uncited quotations from MPAA promotional materials


15 Responses to “Utah AG publishes pro-SOPA op-ed with uncited quotations from MPAA promotional materials”

  1. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    It is so nice he has time to repeat propaganda rather than pursue real law, I guess with all of the money from putting polygamy on television he feels that they have an important stake in making sure no one fileshares episodes of an illegal practice happening in his state.

  2. Terry Hart says:

    I don’t see “uncited quotations” on the MPAA’s page for types of content theft: http://mpaa.org/contentprotection/types-of-content-theft

    What does that say about the strength of an argument when it relies on making things up?

  3. As one of the designers of that “You wouldn’t steal a car” font, I’ve always been curious whether they actually licensed it.

  4. Finnagain says:

    Can we have their websites shut down now?

  5. zarray says:

    Hooray, another embarrassment for our lovely state. We’re definitely catching up with Arizona now!

  6. sabik says:

    Hmm, “rogue sites legislation”, that’s nicely ambiguous. Maybe we should use that phrase more often, “rogue legislation”.

    rogue legislation

    Has a certain ring to it, no?

  7. AirPillo says:

    Not that it exactly matters, but even the MPAA wouldn’t call an uncited quotation “theft” if it was quoted with permission from (or in this case perhaps “a command from”)  the original writer.

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