Burglars abandon CDs and DVDs

British burglars have stopped stealing CDs and DVDs because, yeah, who needs 'em? "...thefts of entertainment products like CDs and DVDs have collapsed in England and Wales, to the point that they are now taken in just 7% of all burglaries in which something is stolen..." (Thanks, Bruce!)


    1. That’s a good idea.

      What can’t fit in a jewel box, you could certainly fit in a VHS case. (Preferably a case for a Barney the Purple Dinosaur video . . . really, who would steal that?)

      How about an old VHS machine hollowed out so you can hide your laptop and tablets inside?

      1. I, for one, would just assume jump off a bridge before I would consider lifting a Barney video.


        1. Oh, hai.  Grammar police notice.  No biggie.  I would just “as soon” do something before I would just “assume” do something else.  Thanks, and drive safe.

          1. You have added absolutely nothing informative to the discussion. 

            But, hey, congratulations on making yourself look like a pedantic asshat!

      2. You just gave me an idea. NOt use a VCR as a hollowed out stowaway case, but make a home media center housed in a gutted VCR.

  1. Or then, those who have a dubious enough moral sense to buy what they should realize is obviously stolen goods, are also perfectly fine with downloading music and films that are distributed illegally?

      1. Nah. Downloading music killed the stolen DVD ‘industry.’ Yet another crime we can lay at digital piracy’s feet! Even regular honest criminals that have to put in work and effort are getting undercut by these internet bandits! Have they no shame!

    1. I wonder how one does know that something is “obviously stolen goods”  when it comes to DVDs and CDs?

      1. I wonder how one does know that something is “obviously stolen goods” when it comes to DVDs and CDs?

        Lack of packaging? They do generally come with security strips when you buy them.

      2. At a flea market (one with a building and stalls that people pay for) in Buffalo there’s a family who sell used CDs, DVDs, video games, etc.

        There are a few places they theoretically could get these things legitimately, but some are so obviously stolen it’s a little ridiculous. They had several clearly used car sun visor CD holders filled with CDs which someone obviously just took out of parked cars.

  2. See?  See what online piracy has done?  Completely ruined trafficking in stolen cd’s and dvd’s, that’s what!

  3. I was always fond of the bit in one of Roger Zelazny’s Amber novel when the hero comes back to his house after being in a different dimension for a number of years.  His house has been broken into several times, everything of value taken and everything else vandalized.  He goes into his library and it’s untouched.  “Oh right, only friends steal your books”.

  4. how long before criminals break into houses to deposit CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes? i mean, my media collection is taking up space that could otherwise be used for something else. certainly people with fewer ethical prohibitions against breaking and entering have the same problem.

  5. The burglars have realized that they could get better quality downloading contents off the internet than stealing contents in CDs or DVDs. I could say that CD still has one of the highest quality music audios available but DVDs are definitely long gone.
    Now, burglars, start stealing some blurays.

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