Kickstarter project for Skallops: clips that turn playing cards into building toys

Evan sez, "This is a new construction toy on Kickstarter that uses clever laser-cut clips to assemble regular playing cards into almost any kind of sculpture. We hit our first production goal for the Skallops in the first 12 hours We launched on Kickstarter a week ago, and hit our first production goal in just 12 hours. We just finished deliveries of our previous Kickstarter project, the Trebuchette -- which was on Boing Boing last April."

Skallops: Build Big! (Thanks, Evan!)


  1. I haven’t committed to backing this one yet (although I’m very tempted), but as a trebuchette backer, I wanted to give props to these guys for running an excellent Kickstarter project.  Lots of updates and good information.

  2. Hi folks, this is Evan, one of the project creators. We’re happy to answer any questions here or on the Kickstarter project.

    Nanner: we hadn’t seen CardWorks before, and we did do some looking before we posted the Skallops. Our card connector is fairly different, though. Marshall, our resident engineer, points out that with the Skallop you can connect cards at 15°, 30°, and 45° angles, which allows you to build trusses. We also can clip two cards together in perpendicularly, which gives you a lot more options.

    BookGuy: thanks for your support on the Trebuchette, and we’re really glad to hear you liked the updates. We’re definitely going to keep our new backers in the loop, but now that we’ve done this once, it shouldn’t take nearly as long this time around.


    1. it’s a really fun way to build so I’m all for it.  In addition to an assortment of stationary clips Cardworks had a hinged clip so you had the flexibility to work at any angle which was great when you had to fudge something closed that didn’t quite meet up.

      Good luck with the project! I’d buy Skallops :D

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