pziselberger sez, "Senator Lahey, sponsor of PIPA [ed: the Senate version of SOPA], will be on Vermont Public Radio's 'Vermont Edition' January 12 at noon. This is an opportunity to share your outrage over PIPA with the author of the bill."

3 Responses to “PIPA sponsor in the hotseat today at 12:00 Eastern”

  1. And Senator Al Franken, a co-sponsor, will be on Minnesota Public Radio News at 11 AM Central. 

  2. #correction = It’s Senator Leahy, not Lehay.

  3. davidwho says:

    My, that was disappointing. A long “stealing is stealing” diatribe from the Senator, one critical email from a listener was read (which he didn’t respond to), and one caller who supports PIPA. I would expect more from VPR.

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