RAW Week: Douglas Rushkoff to Robert Anton Wilson

[Video Link] Our friend, author Douglas Rushkoff, fills the late Robert Anton Wilson in on what he's missed since passing away on February 11, 2007.



  1. What a nice tribute.  Gets to the core of much of Wilson’s appeal in the sense that he was one of the few (maybe only) counter-culture heroes who actually made you think “I’d like to hang out with that guy!”  I think his unflagging sense of comedy tended to nullify much of the ego that normally goes with that territory.

  2. Myself I always carry “Coercion” around whenever I move, and it was an important book for me.

    I don’t see the connection at all between Occupy and Rushkoff’s definition of humanism, though.

  3. I am confuse. Does a loyal RAW fan: A. believe that the dead can be communicated to; B. not believe that the dead can be communicated to; C. maybe believe that the dead can be communicated to or D. meta-ironically believe that the entire concept of belief is not to be believed?

    I’m being obnoxious. I got triggered earlier by the “I regard belief as a form of brain damage” quote.

    Isn’t it better to believe at explicit will, instead of casting aside the entire concept of belief because some people use it in a lame fashion?

    Thanks. Nice video.

    1. I think it’s like “be-bop-a-lula” in the Fifties, if you have to ask what it means you will never know what it means. Or as Confucius said, 敬鬼神而远之.

  4. Alex Grey, check.  A pic of Noam Chomsky (?) at a Keith Haring table, check. Gysin Dreamcatcher, check.  Fluffy homage to RAW, check.  Mint green walls,…wait, WTF???

    1. Not in Brooklyn, least of all Park Slope. And walls in the basement are called Fern, not Mint green. They come off mintier in video.  

      Otherwise correct. 

  5. I should’ve known that it was Leary.  It fits much better.  Surely I jest, Mr. Rushkoff.  We all know you have excellent taste.  I will have to check out the actual shade of ‘Fern’ the next time I’m at a hardware store. 

    Back to topic:When I first tried DMT, I was unprepared for the reality/possibility of what I experienced.  It was hard to describe in words the ‘sentient beings’ that I saw.  I went to a record store and and saw a CD called ‘Alien Dreamtime’.  I figured, why not. Listening to Terrence McKenna describe a DMT trip was EXACTLY what I had experienced.   When I first read RAW I found myself in the same situation.  In constant agreement.  A validation of personal observations put into words and descriptions that I dont have the gift to do so eloquently.  What I especially love about RAW is his ability to open your mind to any possibility and yet firmly root you to Reason.  Had I ever had a chance to befriend such an Intellectual Magus such as RAW, I would count my lucky stars and thank Nut infinitely.  

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