Sneak look at the fifth volume of Karl Schroeder's triumphant Ashes of Candesce


6 Responses to “Sneak look at the fifth volume of Karl Schroeder's triumphant Ashes of Candesce

  1. Caleb Hutchins says:

    I’ve always thought that this series could be adapted into an absolutely incredible 3D movie franchise. 

  2. Matt Popke says:

    We read the first book as part of a book club and we all kind of agreed that world outside Virga sounded much more interesting than the one in it. We wanted to learn more about that and spend less time with zero-g steampunk pirates. Just how much do we learn about that stuff in the later books? Is it like Gene Wolfe’s excellent Book of The New Sun series that ramps up slowly but gets into the crazy quantum physics? Or is it just more zero-g steampunk pirates barely cognizant of the universe beyond their existence? I’ve liked other stuff by Kurt Schroeder (his contribution to Metatropolis stands out right now) and I mostly enjoyed Sun of Suns. I just wanted to know more about the universe beyond Virga, which is why I ended up reading and absolutely loving The Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi rather than continuing through the rest of the Virga books.

    So, suggestions from people who have read the rest of Virga (so far): Is it for me? Or is it just more like Sun of Suns for the rest of the series, only hinting at the post-singularity stuff outside the bubble?

    • Caleb Hutchins says:

      It’s probably not for you. In later books you do get a stronger sense of the world outside of Virga, and glimpses of a larger, galaxy-wide conflict, but most of the action still takes place in a steam-punkish setting. 

    • Mordicai says:

      You had me at Gene Wolfe.  Unlike Caleb, I think it IS for you; Virga remains the primary center, but the whole post-post-Singularity world outside of Virga grows increasingly integral to the story & the world.  There are answers to your questions, yes.

  3. Tribune says:

    If you are scrolling through boing boing to quickly; you too may have to stop and go back up to look at why the fifth book of viagra is being mentioned.

  4. Mordicai says:

    I jumped on an ARC of this as soon as I could; I find the world very inventive & super compelling.

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