A new name for the Very Large Array


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  1. planettom says:

    Well, a gentleman never brags about the size of his array…

    • Donald Petersen says:

      Yeah, no kidding.  They stopped a hairsbreadth from calling it the Karl G. Jansky’s Very Large Array, which if nothing else sounds like a dig at Mr. Jansky’s own waistline.

      For what it’s worth, she’ll always be “Emily” to me.

  2. OohErMissus says:

    I guess they disqualified my entry (Giant INterferometric Observatory Of Radio-source Mapping Array System – GINOORMAS) either because it was too silly, too so-not-to-the-point-ish, or for the primary fact that they didn’t allow enough space in the entry blank for it to be entered properly…..

  3. Timothy Reeves says:

    Jansky was also at Bell Labs before Penzias and Wilson. I guess Penzias and Wilson get a  Bigger Than Average Array named after them.

  4. RJ says:

    Huh! Well, keep your eyes open for an NRAO-themed adult film named “The Quite Substantial Instrument.”

  5. emo hex says:

     OK, so now I’ll think of it as Jansky’s Kitchen!

  6. Tim Samson says:

    Yes! I’m glad they kept the Very Large Array. 

  7. nemryn says:

    The Twilight Sparkle Very Large Array.

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