Activists alter 85 BofA ATMs in SF to become "Automated Truth Machines"


27 Responses to “Activists alter 85 BofA ATMs in SF to become "Automated Truth Machines"”

  1. Joseph Finn says:

    Well, that’s nice for customers simply trying to withdraw cash, deposit paychecks and get on with their day

    • nzmrmn says:

      Yes, it would be better if everyone remained in ignorance about how their money is being used to destroy the environment for this generation and generations to come. Bliss-like in fact.

      • AlexG55 says:

        It may not be their money– you can get money out of any bank’s ATM regardless of which bank your money actually is in, even if it’s your local credit union.

      • cleek says:

        and clearly, breaking an ATM is the only way to accomplish the task.

        there is no such thing as a sign.

        • JProffitt71 says:

          Yes non-adhesive (aka static-clinging) stickers are known for their resilience to our feeble human fingers.

          I am going to assume you did not read the article, and call you out on that.

        • Thebes42 says:

          Clearly you didn’t read the story because no atm’s were broken or damaged.

          • cleek says:

            so, in order for this to be non-damaging because it’s non-permanent, the idea is that the first person who sees this defaced ATM will see this sticker, and will then remove it (otherwise, the ATM is unusable, hence damaged) ?

            or, will the person say “hey, some jackass stuck something over the ATM screen so i can’t use it?” and will then go elsewhere ? that’s effectively damaged.

            so either way, it’s a waste of time. and annoying. and stupid.


          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            I would just peel it down, use the ATM, and then put it back up. That’s like two seconds total.

          • cleek says:

            “I would just peel it down, use the ATM, and then put it back up.”

            why, because you want to inconvenience the next person ?

    • kagil says:

      They need to find a new bank.  BOA is so evil that it’s pretty much GOING to be the butt of jokes, protests, attacks, ect.  If they don’t want to be bothered, they should try a credit union.  I love mine.

    • JProffitt71 says:

      Not buying it. It is not okay to abide the corruption of Bank of America, and I’d go as far as to say that it is our duty to our community to undertake the inconvenience of learning about and later leaving them.

  2. Alpacaman says:

    Concern trolls, assemble!

  3. tomangleberger says:

    What is a non-adhesive sticker? If it does not adhere how can it be a sticker?

  4. emjb says:

    It was most likely one of those vinyl cling sheet thingies like the kind you put on your window for Halloween decorations…good for one use, doesn’t destroy the glass. This is pretty brilliant, and I really am not feeling any existential sorrow for mildly inconvenienced BofA customers.

  5. Chuck Davies says:

    That is awesome….now that’s american ingenuity! Viva RAN

  6. KanedaJones says:

    Actually kewl as a vinyl kling-sheet — the person who agrees and needs money peels it off to use the thing and reapplies.

    The person who disagrees peels it off and throws it away.

    Either way, point and performance art achieved, no harm done to anyone, including physical property of the corporation involved.

  7. Phoc Yu says:

    I’m disappointed this didn’t end up being about people who figured out how to hack the Diebold ATMs and changed the machines’ messages.

  8. Amanda *$ says:

    @AlexG55 Yes, people with accounts at other banks and credit unions CAN use BofA ATMs to access their funds – but BofA charges $2 – $3for the service and that money is going to BofA, not the account holders bank or CU

  9. Thebes42 says:

    Wonderful act of cultural jamming.

  10. xrayqueen says:

    Can we next *Occupy* Blood Sucker’s aka Chase???? Good Job Peoples for Foregoing Sleep to Take a Stand!!!
    Better to do Something!!! Than be “Lamb’s” being led to Slaughter!!!!
    We bailed the bank’s out in ther time of need!!! All the American People have received is more creative method’s for the bank’s to parlay our few $$$’$!!!
    ~* I Voted 4 Change ~ Not 2 Spare-Change*~

  11. bobagunoosh says:

    BofA is now used by the Employment Development Department for unemployment/disabilities monetary disbursement. 

  12. John Moser says:

    They must not realize that BOA was a big contributor to President Toonces.

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