Hitler gets word of Google Search Plus Your World

[Video Link] The hard-working star of Der Untergang learns of a recently-launched set of tweaks to Google search results that push Google+ content to the top, integrating social information into search. Steven Levy has a smart piece up today on the launch of Google's "Search Plus Your World" (SPYW) at Wired.com. Internet critics will likely not be the only ones filing complaints about SPYW: The FTC may well have issues with this, too. (via @elinormills)


  1. It beyond time to break up the Google monopoly and regulate them.  They’re simply too powerful for everyone’s good.

  2. (Shrug) You can easily turn this “feature” off permanently in your search settings. Big deal.

    Now what I’d find useful is a feature that let me order the results of my search from oldest to newest, or newest to oldest.

  3. Mark Zuckerberg is probably smothering someone with his hoodie right now.

    The fun never stops.

  4. I’ve tried dozens of them, but understanding the German takes the “funny” out of the subtitles.
    I can only imagine the effect. 

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