I brought you a transplant heart, but I dropped it

In Mexico City, butterfingers medics dropped a donor heart being rushed to a hospital for a transplant operation. Rolled right out of the container and everything, right on to the street. All worked out in the end.


    1. Grey’s Anatomy. I remember that episode. :D There should had been a dog near by in this clip, but the heart didn’t show itself.

  1. Ah, sensationalist coverage. How I love the wasted time I feel afterwards (see also the recent “Diablo 3 delay” – any chance of an update on that story now that it’s passed the GRB and the game’s still not out?).

    “[a donor heart] rolled right out of the container and everything, right on to the street” is very misleading as to the actual events that ocurred. The heart was in a container, inside an icebox, and the container fell from the icebox onto the street. That sealed container will have contained the solution that preserved the heart – the ice box just contains ice that’s keeping the whole thing cool. A bit of that ice spilling out minutes before it reaches the hospital isn’t really cause for concern.

    Maybe if there hadn’t been such a media fiasco in the first place, they would’ve taken their time a bit more?

  2. That box had only 2 wheels at the back. Looks like it’s designed to be lifted up halfway, so that you can drag it on the ground on it’s 2 rear wheels. But there’s no clip on the cover to prevent it flipping open and dropping all the contents on the ground, if you accidentally lifted it too high. Poor design.

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