VHS Cassette notebooks

Peleg Design's "Video Notebook" bears an uncanny resemblance to a VHS cassette, and comes with labels for extra verisimilitude.

Video Notebook (via Neatorama)


  1. Well now, verisimilitude is always in order.  But EXTRA verisimilitude is just a total bonus.  Cheers.

  2. However, if you want to refer back to what you’ve written in an earlier part of the notebook the rewind time is excruciatingly slow – these are sweet, looks like they come with replica VHS tape slipcases. The big question is whether they come in BETA

  3. Really?  Back when they were stylish and had not sold out, I had BETA book jackets on vinyl.  Philistines.

  4. My parents, retired, have about 4 VCRs, and it is a daily ritual for them to go through a dead-tree TV schedule, decide what to tape, plan how they’re going to do it, and write out Scotch tape labels for them.

    I tried to convince them to get a TiVo, offered to set up an old computer as a DVR, and so on but they’ll have none of it.

    It is frustrating to watch that process, but I guess it’s kind of like writing with a dip pen (which I enjoy) or shaving with a straight razor (which I don’t).

    1. People don’t like changes. I still use my VCR but only as a connector between my 20″ Sharp CRT TV, from 1996, and PCs since the TV only has one connection (coax). Other than that, it works fine. I don’t need stinking HDTV and stuff.

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