VHS Cassette notebooks


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  1. Jake0748 says:

    Well now, verisimilitude is always in order.  But EXTRA verisimilitude is just a total bonus.  Cheers.

  2. jerryeast says:

    However, if you want to refer back to what you’ve written in an earlier part of the notebook the rewind time is excruciatingly slow – these are sweet, looks like they come with replica VHS tape slipcases. The big question is whether they come in BETA

  3. kpelt says:

    Really?  Back when they were stylish and had not sold out, I had BETA book jackets on vinyl.  Philistines.

  4. Liam McNerney says:

    Can a resemblance be uncanny when it’s intentional?

  5. Iucidium says:

    These are as bad as the iDouche cassette skins

  6. Bauart says:

    Yeah… but keeping notes on paper in a notebook is about as outdated as VHS tapes.

  7. jkonrath says:

    These are awesome until your pages explode and the words get wrapped around your pencil.

  8. Crashproof says:

    My parents, retired, have about 4 VCRs, and it is a daily ritual for them to go through a dead-tree TV schedule, decide what to tape, plan how they’re going to do it, and write out Scotch tape labels for them.

    I tried to convince them to get a TiVo, offered to set up an old computer as a DVR, and so on but they’ll have none of it.

    It is frustrating to watch that process, but I guess it’s kind of like writing with a dip pen (which I enjoy) or shaving with a straight razor (which I don’t).

    • Ant says:

      People don’t like changes. I still use my VCR but only as a connector between my 20″ Sharp CRT TV, from 1996, and PCs since the TV only has one connection (coax). Other than that, it works fine. I don’t need stinking HDTV and stuff.

  9. oneswellfoop says:

    Lame….no US retailer.

  10. digi_owl says:

    Heh, the one with the pencil between the pages seems to be eating it.

  11. alex w says:

    prior art … http://twitpic.com/87l5tj http://twitpic.com/87l5zc 
    The url printed on the cover is http://www.dotcompanich.com/thinksmall but it’s dead.
    there’s a twitter but that’s empty too. https://twitter.com/dotcompanich
    wonder what the back story is.
    found at yard sale.

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