My Monster Family car stickers

In the Neatorama store, a set of "My Monster Family Car Stickers" designed by Mike Jacobsen. These are a great antidote to the ubiquitous sickly-sweet minivan stickers.

My Monster Family - Family Car Stickers


  1. I saw another version of this on a car that had the zombie family as stick figures, can’t find it by searching, perhaps they were home-made?  
    This post got me to poking around to see what else is out there and there are LOTS of options!  My favorite was the AT-AT set on this Etsy seller’s page (no connection):
    Now I just need a minivan and a family….

    1. I would just assume it was a Nickelodeon cartoon I never heard of.

      Edit: If I were at Nick developing this, I’d say that “mummy” & “mommy” (or “mummy” for half the English speaking world) was OK as a pun, but it might prevent the audience from relating to the character if her face was so covered. (Unless you were pitching it to Nick UAE, that’s another story.)

      1. Actually, I’ve seen a couple with two mommies on them; haven’t seen two daddies yet but I have hope.  And I think it was in front of our locally-owned natural-food co-op, come to think of it.  It’s the only place I shop these days.

  2. I don’t understand why anyone would want to broadcast any details about their family, even if it’s just that they have 4 kids and a cat.  I guess they don’t have any privacy concerns.  I’m still astounded at a minivan I passed the other day with baseball stickers with their kids’ names on them.

    1. I saw one the other day where the pets had angel wings. I suppose that’s what you do. Either that or you put a big ass “in memory of” sticker on your car.

  3. Mummy should always be “Lily”. but i know this isn’t the Munsters.
    You should see my wife’s car.

  4. “I has a minivan, yes!  and family, yes!  but I’m not leik yooooooooooooouuuuu!  it is very importants that I broadcast how diferents i am.”

  5. The family stickers somewhat irk me. About as much as ‘my child has good character’ or [insert political slogan here]. It betrays a sense of inflated self-importance. Nobody cares!

  6. My previous comment was deleted, apparently.  I’ll try again:

    Why the hatred for these family stickers?  I don’t hear people complaining about sports team stickers or rainbow flag stickers.  

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