Net-meme tile-game on Kickstarter

Some game developers are raising Kickstarter money to fund a production run of For the Win, a fun-looking tile-game based on net memes. The developers have a good track-record for producing great games funded through Kickstarter:

For The Win is an abstract game at heart, with a solid theme of internet memes applied. Players control a host of characters, playing them to the board and using their powers in order to arrange a group of all 5 types. Each character has thematic abilities in this easy to learn and fast playing game:

* The Zombie turns non-zombies into zombies.
* The Pirate shoots people out of cannons, moving them wherever you want.
* The Ninja through the power of stealth can disappear and reappear wherever desired.
* The Alien utilizes its tractor bean to pull people next to it.
* The Monkey messes everything up and toggles all of her neighbors.

Be the first person to get one of each adjacent to each other, FOR THE WIN!

For The Win! - Zombies, Pirates, Ninjas, Aliens, and Monkeys


  1. Oh, I was hoping for an Illuminati-type game featuring lolcats controlling mefites who control tomshardware and slashdot. Fighting against Wikipedia, which for bonus points controls Conservapedia. And playing the “In Soviet Russia” card turns your pluses into minuses?

  2. Doesn’t really look worth funding…the description makes it sound like an early mobile phone game in terms of fun, and the idea isn’t exactly appealing enough…
    The whole internet meme thing is but a commercial plug. As game developer I’d feel bad if this gets funding and more appealing games don’t. If you have the nerve to ask for funding, make sure to impress, not amuse. Greedy fools.

    1. Perhaps they just made a really bad video but I agree, this did not strike me as that much fun.  They might have done better if they’d spent a little time actually showing people playing.

      1.  Not enough effort. This “get rich quick” mentality of some indie devs really upsets me.They must think that because some low-grade games made their creators rich, they can do it too with whatever unimaginative crap they *barely* produce. Reeks of ego and greed, and little to no love for games.
        This kind of people sure would fit in the current industry. Hah.

        1. Tasty Minstrel is anything but a “get rich quick” publisher. They have at least five successful Kickstarter projects under their belts already with several highly regarded games on

  3. I need to rethink my “Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock” game printed on lacquered marzipan squares.

  4. Bah I can never remember my new boingboing password.

    Anyway, I’m just chiming in to echo the feeling of underwhelm-ment expressed by some other commenters.  It looks like a boring game with a boring name. 

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