Net-meme tile-game on Kickstarter

Some game developers are raising Kickstarter money to fund a production run of For the Win, a fun-looking tile-game based on net memes. The developers have a good track-record for producing great games funded through Kickstarter:

For The Win is an abstract game at heart, with a solid theme of internet memes applied. Players control a host of characters, playing them to the board and using their powers in order to arrange a group of all 5 types. Each character has thematic abilities in this easy to learn and fast playing game:

* The Zombie turns non-zombies into zombies.
* The Pirate shoots people out of cannons, moving them wherever you want.
* The Ninja through the power of stealth can disappear and reappear wherever desired.
* The Alien utilizes its tractor bean to pull people next to it.
* The Monkey messes everything up and toggles all of her neighbors.

Be the first person to get one of each adjacent to each other, FOR THE WIN!

For The Win! - Zombies, Pirates, Ninjas, Aliens, and Monkeys