Anatomically correct papercraft torso with organs

Horst Kiechle made this astounding card-stock human torso, stuffed with anatomically correct paper organs. Its for the Science Lab of the International School Nadi, Fiji Islands. Man, what I'd give for a set of plans for this!

paper torso (via Colossal)


  1. Is Horst not aware of the incredible, all year round humidity in Fiji? This paper model will not last very long! 

  2. Are there not hundreds of such forms in clay loafing around old Burning Man sites? Papier Mache then? Signed ones from human+ staff? Yes, clearly it’s a nightmare for the laparoscopy-inclined and those without canny excuses for that thoracic access (see also: Mexican Improvised Juggernaut Tanks, posted later today.)  s.b. 23-year-old (recycled-component) card stock to add much detail of mature genitals and sex-linked characteristics. Maybe throw some 84-year-old NYT in there and get some transhumanist and senescent markup. Otherwise you’ll have to make the appropriate goth loli, transformable, Melnibone et al calls.

    Call me when the backbones are modeled, couture selected, and santa-claus machine and setup for texturing potato starch, dye and slurry on superhydrophobic folded blanks made circulable. We can have them as nicer rosier skylights than those dome+tube ones. (Then there will be a ‘pool’ in every roof!)

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