HOWTO make a scrumptious life-sized Stormtrooper cake


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  1. for_SCIENCE says:

    Am I terrible for not really considering rice-krispie-and-fondant sculptures ‘cakes’? Fondant is usally not a repeatable edible.

    Of course, that brings up the question of what defines ‘cake’?

  2. Am I the only person who actually doesn’t mind eating fondant?  I would totally eat fondant-covered rice krispie treats.

    • Amanda Oakleaf says:

      Since the fondant is marshmallow fondant it is really like eating marshmallow covered rice krispie treats -aka rice krispie treats.  And that’s only below the knees.

  3. Amanda Oakleaf says:

    Only the legs below the knees were Krispy, and our fondant is a home-made marshmallow based fondant that tastes just like marshmallow… because that’s all it is.  More pics of the inside of the cake here:

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