RAW Week: Interviews with Douglas Rushkoff, RU Sirius, David Jay Brown, Phil Farber, and Antero Alli, by Propaganda Anonymous


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  1. Franz says:

    All I can say is… Wow

  2. PaulDavisTheFirst says:

    i know almost nothing about RAW except for the posts about him here on BB. from what i’ve read here, its not clear to me that RAW would have been happy with the level of sycophantic remembrance on display.  but like i said, i didn’t know RAW alive, and i certainly don’t know him dead.  i’ve just seen 6 days of BB eulogizing a guy who didn’t seem to want to be eulogized, 6 days of largely uncritically rememberings of a guy who would appear to have wanted a more critical remembrance, and so and so forth.

    but never mind. carry on.

    • zodwallop says:

      I have no idea what Bob would have wanted. However, reading Wilson’s books as a teenager and into my early twenties probably changed my life more then the works of any other writer, artist, or teacher. It wasn’t always the content of his books that changed me, because the content was often over optimistic or cheesy, but the context he created through his method of writing that affected me so strongly.

      That being the case, I love being reminded of just how powerful his writing has been for others, because over the course of time, sometimes I forget how powerful it has been in my life.

      Sometimes the tribute is not about the person the the tribute is directed to, but rather it is a sign post to others who might not have come across that person’s work before. Sometimes it is a reminder to those of us who who have forgotten the debt we owe the person being remembered.

    • Jeez Paul, chill out. It’s just a love fest and a chance to acknowledge a special guy. I think Bob’s response would be a simple “Thank you. Now go out and finish what I started.”

  3. Wreckrob8 says:

    I don’t believe that the everyday language we speak is actually capable of incorporating modern scientific discoveries. Something more is needed akin to the shift in sense perceptions c. 50000 years ago resulting in linguistic development/religious and artistic sensibilities and fully formed tool making abilities – it seems we use the same area of the brain to form well ordered sentences and make tools. Our brains became connected differently. Language was perhaps closer to the modern world of physics at the beginning of this development viz Finnegan’s Wake. Digital communication and social networking can only accelerate this process, it would seem.
    We all need to be able to describe two apparently incompatible worlds – that of Newton and Einstein. Language, music and maths all play a part in this, but I see no reason to prefer any one of these over the others.

  4. wysinwyg says:

    There are many amazing things that I have learned from the works of Robert Anton Wilson, but to me, the old man farting in his apartment was like a lesson from a wise Zen master.

    And now we know the identity of the great master who makes the air brown.

  5. Donald Meinshausen says:

    One thing that RAW taught me but never mentioned was that laughter was a sign of truth and resounds with irony like a bell.  I once was a dealer and had shared some great pot with Bob (praise Bob). Weeks later, when I saw him speak he remarked, without saying my name, that there was some great pot in the room and he looked forward to sharing it. Knowing that he was referring to me I went to him after the talk and asked: “So does that make me the master who makes the grass green or the master who has the green grass?” when he answered “Yes” I became enlightened.

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