Archaeologists discover tomb of female singer in Egypt


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  1. Archaeologists announce uncovering the tomb of the fabled Lady Gaga, who’s existence was already suspected from recently decoded fragments in the extensive Yutoob cache. From her outlandish attire in depictions and onomatopoeic name, seemingly imitating baby-talk, the Lady Gaga was initially thought to be a fertility goddess. After opening the lavish pineapple-shaped coffin (pictured) however, experts are now divided on the question of whether the remains in the tomb are those of a historical “Lady Gaga”-figure or merely those of a priestess impersonating the divinity in oracular rituals, although the latter seems more likely.

  2. Andrew Singleton says:

    Why does this sound like the premise of a cartoon/anime/comic?

    Edit (again):
    Better Article:

    Tomb /IS/ old, the original linked article goofed apparently.

  3. SCAQTony says:

    Couldn’t wait for Caturday, huh? ;-) 

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