Cyberpunk classic Syndicate re-released

Syndicate, the Amiga-era Bullfrog classic of crime and corporate behemoths, will soon work on modern computers thanks to a DRM-free re-release by Good Old Games.


  1. It seems like someone should have created an open source version of the original for Linux by now.

    I’m really hoping that the reboot isn’t a disappointment.

  2. Given that the GoG version will be using DOSBOX, it should play just fine on PC, Mac, Linux — anywhere that DOSBOX runs. So while it’s not open source (and given EA’s ownership and history/culture never will be) at least most folks should be able to play it.

    Having just gone back to playing Populous 2 though, I did find the memories of the game were much more positive than the realities. UI has come a long, long way.

    1. The limitations of the time, there were only so many cpu cycles and memory available. But was it ever a golden age for  games : Populous 2, Colonization, X-Com, Mega-lo-mania, Syndicate, Elite: Frontier, … So many great games.

      1. Jazz Jackrabbit, Earthworm Jim, Doom2, System Shock, Warcraft, Marathon, Master of Magic…  Let’s just say if your game was memorable in that year, it had to be DAMN good.

  3. Ahh Good Old Games.

    DRM Free classicsAnd they’re joining in tomorrow’s protests.Makes me want to give them more business.

      1. I’m talking about the data/install media itself, not any ‘search for x thing in the manual’ or ‘the number is on the back of the cd’ business. I’m sure PDFs are included of the instructions.

  4. Ironically, I just found my hand written paper for the games commands the other day and threw them away.

    1. Could you at least donate? GoG is one of those places that kinda deserve business. DRM, download as you please, and a good selection of classics (and newer games…)

    2. A classic, released for modern systems without DRM for $5.99…

      ….can I ask exactly what general principle this might be?

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