Recall election in Wisconsin: It's probably on

Wisconsinites needed 500,000 signatures in order to authorize a recall election against Governor Scott Walker. They got 1 million.


  1. What, there are 1 million democrats in WI?  Cause that’s what this means.  Actually this is pretty impressive, considering there are 5.6 million people total in WI.  Who paid for all those signatures?  Signatures generally cost about $1-$5 a piece depending on public awareness, I’m guessing this was on the lower end considering the subject matter.  But still.

    1. Signatures generally cost about $1-$5 a piece depending on public awareness

      I’ve done plenty of signature gathering that didn’t cost anything but the printing costs. All volunteer.

      1. Thank you!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been approached for signatures by people who can’t tell me anything about the initiative.  It’s almost insulting, I feel tricked when that happens.

        I’m not sure how it works in WI but in CA petitioneers have 150 days to gather 504k signatures.  That usually means that the only initiatives to make it on the ballot are ones bankrolled by whatever big money interest wants the initiative passed.

        I’m sure that the Scott Walker recall didn’t need too much out-of-pocket press by any one entity, considering the controversy last year.

        It usually costs around 10s of millions of dollars, all things accounted for, to pass a ballot measure in CA.  It’s no longer the “people’s veto”, it’s “whoever’s got the most money veto”.

        1. I trained all my gatherers to start with, “I live in Palm Springs. I’m volunteering to gather signatures for…” You get a hugely positive response when people realize that you’re not a bot.

  2. My wife and I signed it with about an hour to spare. I like to think that we did it for dramatic purposes.

  3. Considering that he originally won with only 1,128,941 votes, he should be concerned right now. Very, very concerned.

  4. I’m almost expecting a scenario similar to Dune, where the Beast Rabban is given free reign over Arrakis so we can see the Koch brothers’ version of Feyd Rautha as our savior.

    We just have to replace the sandworms with giant bratwursts. 

  5. My signature is in there. 

    As is my father’s; who actually voted for Walker. Just in case people thought this was simply a Dems vs. Repubs issue.

  6. I know my ex-Fox News-watching parents signed it. They voted for him as well. Other relatives were sent to Madison to offer security during the protests and the mood reported back did not jibe with what Fox News reported. Being lied to doesn’t have much impact until it hits home and you can see it first hand.
    I suspect anyone with a loved one who worked for government in any capacity (police, fire, teachers, etc….) probably signed it. Not sure that makes a million, but I’m not surprised at all.
    I know he created at least 2 democrats.

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