Stop PIPA bar for your website


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  1. Basil Berntsen says:

    You should add a 4th option for people running (which doesn’t allow custom javascript). A simple image and link is all we can do.

  2. Daryl Davis says:

    It would be better if the button linked back to an advocacy site (such as rather than a site about the banner (too meta, where most people who see it would rather learn about the PIPA problem than how to add their own web banner; two links, perhaps, to satisfy all?).

  3. guanto says:

    This message, if displayed indiscriminately for every visitor, could use some rewording to make clear that this bill is an American issue and would interfere with people’s ability to access American websites and Americans’ ability to access foreign websites. As it is, the main message is not quite true.

  4. heartsutra says:

    Thanks for making the bar, but I just put it on my site and then promptly removed it.  The problem is that clicking on the link tells users how to grab their own bar, which is totally irrelevant for most of them.  I want them to click on the site and immediately learn why the bill is wrong and how to reach their representatives.  Here is the kind of page the link should go to:

    • Morgan Brown says:

      Great – thanks for the feedback, we tried to provide a link to sources below the bar information, but we’ll work on a way for people to either get to those more quickly on the page or customize the link while keeping it simple. 

  5. brcguy says:

    Yeah, I want it to go to one of the links at the bottom of your site.  I do not like that it links to the site to get the bar, so I am removing it. 

  6. brcguy says:

    Oh, and it works fine on my wordpress site.  Just put it at the top of your main page’s HTML

  7. brcguy says:

    Here’s one that goes to the engineadvocacy link…

        new HelloBar(36291,48640);

  8. Daryl Davis says:

    Thanks for the new version linking to engineadvocacy (and BB moderators, where’s the comment I posted earlier about the old version? There was nothing bad in it… I’m confused, I am)

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