Stuff scientists say


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  1. Nylund says:

    All in all, kinda meh, but I definitely related to the wasting of time with computer games, the use of the word stochastic, and the bit about “more research is needed.”

  2. I can’t believe they didn’t use “In this paper we introduce a novel approach to …”

  3. pizzicato says:

    I can’t believe they left out the real shit, no self respecting scientist could do without an ‘in conclusion’ slide beside an abstract of course… Everything in between is inconsequential, because nobody reads it!

  4. shirlockc says:

    Again with the lab coat? And who wears goggles to look in the fridge?

  5. julianasbananas says:

    That’s about right, except for the cultures being kept in the same refrigerator as actual food. 

  6. jackbob says:

    They missed out on a big one: ‘Trivial”.
    My wife is a theoretical physicist and I’ve never been to any party with her and her colleagues and not overheard someone at some point saying either “but that’s trivial!!!!” (in exasperated tones) referring to someone else’s work or “It’s pretty non-trivial dude…” (very serious tones) referring to their own.

    • AnthonyC says:

      A physics professor told me about a class by some famous physicist. The teacher said “It is easy to show that…”

      A student asked “Professor, *is* it easy to show that?”

      The teacher wrote for a while, then left the room. He came back 15 minutes later and said, “Yes, it’s easy.”

  7. zaptrashmasher says:

    That poor social scientist–no respect :(

  8. is it just me or they simply say a lot of normal stuff, apart from 2-3 things that are actually old-as-batman science clichés?

  9. benchscientist says:

    what, no data not shown?

  10. Adelwolf says:

    What IS it with the no love of the social scientist?  Waaaaaaah

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