TSA-compliant cupcakes: "I am not a gel"

Inspired by Rebecca Hains' harrowing tale of cupcake confiscation by the Las Vegas TSA, Providence, RI's Silver Spoon Bakery is selling "TSA-compliant cupcakes." These have exactly three ounces of frosting, and come in a ziplock baggie with a boarding card and a little Richard Nixon badge bearing the legend, "I am not a gel."

Bakery's TSA Compliant Cupcake is latest volley in Cupcakegate (via Digg)


  1. The 3oz rule (actually 100ml or 3.4 oz, but the TSA is lazy about labeling) applies to a container’s labeled size, not actual content size. So, if your bottle is 5 oz but marked 3 oz, you’re good to go. If you don’t have a container, then they can’t measure how much you have and I think they still wouldn’t let it pass. This container size also explains why I can’t bring a nearly-empty 10 oz bottle of saline, and instead must buy a smaller bottle (unless I go under the medical exemption)

    1. That’s why we need to start trying to board with cupcakes full of laxatives.  That’ll learn ’em to steal other kids’ lunches.

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